ASK THE EXPERT: How do I help my daughter with university choices?

It is difficult for parents to help their children make the right university choice

Question: My daughter's trying to choose which university to go to, and I want to help her but I don't know where to start. Have you got any tips?

Answer: Dagmar Morris, author of Mum's Guide to the University Search (published by The Book Guild on February 28, priced £9.99, says: "Firstly, look into the top 100 universities running the subject she wishes to study,, and then check out the subject ratings. There's also plenty of information published in newspapers so check their websites.

Also, look at the National Student Survey which shows the universities that are keeping their students most satisfied.

Then check the syllabus for the subject on the university websites. Syllabuses vary from university to university, and if a syllabus doesn't interest her she should strike it off her list.

Other things to consider are does she want to go away from home to university or would she prefer to stay closer to home? This will help with the search criteria. Disqualify areas she doesn't want to travel to.

Go to look at the area around the university to see if it's right for her.

Go to any meetings set up through the school or college by the university personnel. These meetings provide a lot of information and make everyone feel more relaxed about the university experience.

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