BEAUTY: Over the rainbow is your place to shine

Neutrals are nice, but the season's happiest beauty look is all about the brights. Katie Wright sings the praises of the rainbow make-up trend

A model backstage at the Ohne Titel show, image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAKE-UP has the power to transform your face, but this season's boldest catwalk looks will send your mood soaring too, as saturated shades make a case for ditching the nudes, like, NOW.

Plus, this is a trend which spans the winter/spring divide, so it's worth investing in a few vivid pigments to see you through to summer.

From ravishing red (and, no, not just lippie) to ultra-violet, here's how to work the rainbow trend in the real world...


Described as 'explosions of colour,' at the AF Vandevorst show, powder pigment was dropped at random with a pipette over eyelids.

To soften this daring look, take a shimmery, dark red eyeshadow (or blush, which you've probably already got at home) and use your finger to tap it onto to the outer eye corner, then blend out with a blusher brush for diffused, subtle colour which is particularly flattering on hazel and green eyes.

:: Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Apex, £16.50 (

:: Lottie London Blush Crush in Harry, £4.95, Superdrug (



Attention, scarlet lip devotees: try switching out your blue-toned red for a zingy orange every once in a while, and discover the joy of a fruity pout, a la the Proenza Schouler catwalk.

If you're fair-skinned, a shiny peach or coral shade works best, while matte tangerine and red-orange really pop against olive and darker skin tones.

:: MAC Lady Danger Lipstick, £15.50 (

:: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Geraldine, £25 (



Backstage at I'm Isola Marras in Milan, MAC's Michelle Magnani blended yellow and orange cream colours to create a custom ochre shade, that was painted over the eyelids and waterline then gently smudged out.

Magnani added a swipe of hot pink under the eye, but this look is more wearable if you stick with just yellow on the eyes and finish with a sheer magenta wash over the lips.

:: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Genuine Orange, £14 (

:: MAC Chromaline in Primary Yellow, £16 (



The 'urban warriors' on the Emilio Pucci SS17 catwalk were daubed with a wide slick of emerald paint in the eye crease, creating a fierce flash of colour.

Tone down this gutsy look by drawing a floating green pencil line in the crease and blending it Sixties-style, or use a metallic green liquid liner to trace a sharp cat-eye flick.

:: 3ina The Colour Eyeliner 508, £7.95 (



Inspired by the roaring 20s, models' eyes were ringed with masses of pretty powder blue at Thom Browne.

If you're blessed with huge, doll-like eyes, this look will totally work on you – if not, a finer line of shadow in a shade that contrasts your eye colour is more flattering.

Complete the look with a dash of baby pink blusher and a pale lip.

Thom Browne backstage image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

:: 3ina The Eyeshadow 126, £6.95 (



At Vivienne Westwood, nails were painted a stormy navy, the perfect shade if you want to go dark in the mani department without going full-on goth.

Give your talons the indigo treatment with Essie's inky Bobbing for Baubles.

:: Essie Bobbing for Baubles Nail Polish, £7.95 (



'Violet lipstick?!' You might exclaim, but just a cursory glance at the #purplelips hashtag on Instagram proves a purple pout really is the way forward.

On the Ohne Titel catwalk, the girls were given a moody purple hue, which looks gothically gorgeous against a porcelain complexion, but if you've a darker skin tone, a brilliant violet, whether matte or moist, will really zing.

Ohne Titel backstage image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

:: Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in BTCH, £20 (

:: Nizz Purple Haze Lipstick, £16 (



:: Can a revolutionary hair brush ever be enough to ditch the straighteners? Gemma Dunn finds out...

"When Sharon Rabi launched the DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush back in 2015, her invention took the beauty world by storm. The brush, made with a unique 3D ceramic surface, promises professional-looking results in just three minutes – and now there's a new travel-friendly version, called DAFNI Go – but does it really work? Well, after six weeks of daily use, I can honestly say my straighteners are now sadly gathering dust. This wonder tool gives me straight locks but without compromising on volume. There's no need to even section the hair before use; just ensure it's dry, tangles have been brushed out, and then get to work. If you've got thick hair, you'll brush through with ease; for finer hair like mine, you may have to hold the hair away from the head slightly, so as to not catch the heat on your neck and ears. And unlike straighteners, I can easily reach the pesky spot at the back of my head. DAFNI, you're my new best friend!"

:: DAFNI Go Straight Hair Straightening Brush, £99.95, John Lewis (



Tapping into a major spring fashion and beauty trend, this year's MAC Viva Glam collection is bright pink perfection. Created in collaboration with actress of the moment Taraji P. Henson, the fuchsia matte Lipstick and pearlescent Lipglass are on sale on February 16. As always, the full RRP (less VAT) helps to fund the fight HIV/AIDS via charities all over the world.

:: MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson Lipstick, £16.50, and Lipglass, £15 (




Disclaimers on adverts, stating that models have been Photoshopped, must be a step in the right direction in terms of promoting realistic body image, right? Wrong, according to a new study from France. The research found that even when women were alerted to the digital trickery, they still wanted to look like the 'thin ideal' images and experienced negative emotions. The researchers believe there's a need for more 'responsible campaigns' to tackle the effects of deceptive advertising.


To mark its 10th birthday, natural beauty brand Balance Me has had a makeover, and it's looking rather good. The all-natural formulas remain the same, but the skincare range has been streamlined to target specific concerns, while the bath and body collection is now housed in chic apothecary-style bottles that you'll be proud to have on display in your bathroom.



Are you one of those people who just HAS to get that last drop of toothpaste or face cream out of the tube, squeezing until you're red in the face? Well, here's a tool that will do the hard work for you. The Squidger, £4.99, attaches to a folded tube and forces even the unreachable dregs, saving you time, effort - and money.

:: Squidger, £4.99 (

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