It now seems that negativity is not all bad

Let's use the negativity to our advantage and remember we don't need to feel bad about having bad thoughts

WE'VE all heard the old saying, 'just look on the bright side'. We try our best to stay positive about life, no matter what is thrown at us, right?

Many believe happiness is a choice - so why not choose to be happy?

But when life loses its lustre or throws you a curve ball, it's hard to remain positive - it gets harder to focus on anything apart from the negatives or things that are going wrong.

Book shelves in libraries and shops are filled with volumes on how we can choose happiness. But one such publication to grace the shelves appears to shy away from the spin on positive outlooks for life.

Instead it tells us that negative thoughts are in fact useful in making us happy.

Psychologist Susan David of Harvard Medical School argues that we actually need negative thoughts in our heads and in our lives.

Her book, Emotional Agility, examines how and why we are encouraged to ignore thoughts of criticism and negativity, but really, we should be embracing these feelings.

"We're encouraged to challenge the very existence of these thoughts and try to rationalise them away," she said.

"The prevailing wisdom - and certainly management and self-improvement strategies - says that difficult thoughts and feelings have no value - and they certainly have no place."

But Ms David argues that negative thoughts are perfectly natural and, providing we respond correctly, they are in fact useful to our overall health and happiness.

She says that silencing negativity goes against our basic human biology.

"All healthy human beings have an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that include criticism, doubt and fear," she added.

"Whether we 'bottle' or 'brood', we're made to feel guilty about even having critical, doubtful or fearful thoughts. But negative thoughts and emotions exist for a reason - to help us survive as a species."

I've always believed that people with a positive outlook in life have more upbeat emotions and don't get 'down in the dumps'.

We all do our best to stay positive, but occasionally we can slip into those negative thinking patterns that can wreak havoc on our lives. We get hooked on the undesirable thoughts and feelings in our heads, bottle them up and start treating them as fact.

I often have negative thoughts swirling around in my head, 'I look terrible today' or 'I'm not spending enough time with my kids' are among the regular criticisms I have.

I also worry about past mistakes or current stresses, and how these could lead to negative outcomes in the future.

Or then there's the over-analysing, which I often catch myself doing, reading into a situation way more than I really should. It's very easy to get worries into your head and obsess about the things that could go wrong.

And then there's the scenario that when one bad thing happens, it leads to a complete domino effect of other bad things.

So to actually read that negativity in our lives can help is a wonderful welcome relief.

Let's use the negativity to our advantage and remember that we don't need to feel bad about having bad thoughts in our heads.

Becoming aware of negative thoughts and feelings, softening them and seeing them for what they are is vital. Learning how to stay in the present, lose the weight of the past and not worrying about what may happen in the future is important.

The main thing also is that it's up to you how you view life.

Being positive is a choice. Just because things don't go as planned doesn't mean that you can't have a happy life that is complete and fulfilling.

Negativity, it seems, is not all bad.



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Easy Peasy Recipe

This week's Easy Peasy Recipe is Spring Green Spiralised Courgette Salad, courtesy of Marks and Spencer.

You will need:

For the Pesto:

120g fresh spinach leaves

50g pine nut

1 garlic clove

125ml extra virgin olive oil

50g fresh Parmesan

1 lemon

1 pinch salt and pepper

250g M&S courgette spaghetti

150g frozen petits pois

25g mint leaves

1 large handful of rocket

To make:

Mince the garlic cloves. Grate the fresh Parmesan. Chop the mint leaves.

To make the pesto, place spinach, garlic and pine nuts in a food processor.

Blitz to a course puree.

Transfer to a bowl, and add the olive oil and parmesan. Mix well.

Squeeze in lemon juice, to taste.

Season with salt and pepper - it will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil.

Add the peas, and cook for 2-3 mins.

Drain, and refresh under cold water.

Set aside to cool completely.

In a large bowl, combine the courgette, peas, mint and 5 tablespoons of pesto.

Stir through the rocket last.

Squeeze some lemon over the salad, and serve.

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