Millie Mackintosh shares her summer music festival fashion tips

 Millie Mackintosh's festival fashion advice is far ranging and includes wearing pompoms in your hair. Pictures from Instagram

PRAISES be, OK magazine has put together a festival survival kit and it’s chockablock full of useful tips on how to flaunt your curves (and your double top knot) at a summer festival while queueing for a Portaloo with a packet of wet wipes in your hand. It’s do-able! Really!

Millie Mackintosh has weighed in with some useful advice on braiding a string of mini pompoms in to your hair (“at festivals you can be more fun and experimental”) and wearing sunscreen while Ellie Goulding announced that her personal theme for this year’s festivals is rave.

“I thought I’d rebel against the whole hippie thing,” she elaborated.

No pressure, people, but it’s not enough to have a tent and a bottle of gin decanted into a well-rinsed shampoo bottle. You need a theme. And dry shampoo apparently.

Millie Mackinstosh helpfully explains how she goes about preparing for a festival in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

While the rest of us are trying to get work cleared up and an out-of-office put on our emails Millie is focusing on her exercise regime.

“I usually step up going to the gym, but I try and work out all the time anyway.

“Beauty-wise I have a facial a couple of days beforehand, as your skin can get dried.

“A spray tan and eyelash extensions are also great for festivals as minimal make-up is required.”

Honestly, Sleb Safari did less than that for its wedding day.

Millie also confided that she mixes tinted moisturiser with a primer when she's at a festival because "it gives a nice coverage but doesn't look like make-up – it just looks like healthy skin".

Wow. The insights are reminiscent of Paris Hilton's commitment to preparing her festival wardrobe.

“I collect [festival outfits] all year round,” she explained to OK! around this time last year.

“I’ll go to crazy stores in Ibiza and find things that are really festival-y, like cat ears, or flowers, or LED lights, then I put them all in a special area in my house,” she continued.

“Then, two weeks before the festival, I’ll plan out every outfit specifically with a Polaroid of it.”

So there you have it. Hit the gym, pack the pompoms, cat ears and tinted moisturiser and you're festival-ready. Sleb Safari will see you in the Portaloo queue.


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have said their goodbyes

SCOTTISH DJ Calvin Harris and the friend gatherer/squad-goal creator Taylor Swift have broken up after a 15-month relationship that they helpfully chronicled on their social media accounts.

Never have two people looked so good in an inflatable pool toy as these two did in a giant, blow-up swan.

Apparently Taylor quickly deleted some photos from her Instagram. Understandably one that was culled showed her gazing adoringly at her ex while he DJ-ed at Coachella which made her look more like a fan than his girlfriend.

Taylor has always used her personal life as songwriting material and that’s the reason why we know so much about her relationships with Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles.

Judging by the Instagram tactics these two are never, ever getting back together. Here’s hoping there’s no Bad Blood…


Louis Smith has a death wish

QUICK, someone talk sense into Louis Smith before he signs up for bonkers Channel 4 winter sports reality TV show The Jump.

For the uninitiated, The Jump is a reality TV show where the A, B and C list contestants are trained in a variety of winter sport disciplines such as ski jumping and the skeleton bobsleigh where you throw yourself down an icy tunnel atop a tea tray. It is, in a word, carnage.

Louis, an Olympic gymnast, says once he’s home from Rio 2016 with a medal or two slung casually round his neck he’ll be looking to move in to reality TV.

“I love skiing and a challenge, I love adrenaline and skill-based sport, so The Jump would be the only one for me,” he told OK! magazine.

Sleb Safari feels a moral duty to step in and point out that contestants on this show end up in pieces and Olympians don’t have a good track record.

Beth Tweddle broke her back, Rebecca Adlington dislocated her shoulder, Steve Redgrave's injuries were too numerous to list and Linford Christie damaged a hamstring.

Don’t do it to yourself Louis.


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