Celebrity news: Oprah battles a potato addiction and Louis welcomes baby Freddie

Talk to the hand potato because Oprah isn't listening 

SHOCKING news from the US with confirmation that Oprah Winfrey, chat show host, giver of cars and avid book reader, is battling an addiction.

“I have been controlled by potatoes for 40 years,” she is reported to have told Weight Watchers execs in a Q&A.

Sleb Safari could think of nothing worse than being controlled by potatoes. Imagine the indignity. Peel me! Roast me in olive oil! Turn me into hand cut chips! Season me! Less pepper you fool!

Potatoes are the bossiest member of the vegetable family. Oprah has Sleb Safari’s sympathy.

So too do the people who buy the slippers with a removable sole which Sleb Safari saw advertised on Twitter this week. Sleb Safari sees no reason for someone to pop a slipper sole on and off but perhaps it is languishing among the unenlightened minority.

While Sleb Safari’s at it, it doesn’t get Kanye West any more either. It stopped getting him after the 2005 album Late Registration and someone should remove him from Twitter before he hurts himself.

Last week he got into a Twitter scrap with rapper Wiz Khalifa after he changed the title of his latest album from Swish to Waves.

It was better than the Taylor Swift v Nicki Minaj row, better than the last Kanye West spat and better again than the cat fight among some of the boys from One Direction.

The week before that he called someone out on Twitter because “I have no interest in working with someone who is too important or too good or too traditional to take a call at 3am”. Might they have been sleeping, Sleb Safari wonders…

Sleb Safari loves Twitter. Indeed its newest favourite inspirational quote – and God knows social media is awash with them – appeared on Twitter mere days ago and was directed at new dad Louis from One Direction.

It was from the grandmother of the mother of his baby boy and positively vibrated with good intentions.

“Louis just let Ur heart dance,” she wrote. “U now have another you.”

Yes, let ur heart dance while you change nappies Louis. Let it dance while you try and settle a screaming infant. Dance Louis dance.

Sleb Safari would hazard a guess that Louis’s going to be available to take calls at 3am if Kanye’s looking for someone to talk to. And if anyone needs to let their heart dance a little it’s Kanye West. Sleb Safari looks forward to reading their 3am Twitter exchanges.


High Five Ludivine the Bloodhound

WHAT did you do last weekend? Ludivine ran a half marathon and came in in seventh place and that's why she gets this week's sassy lady award.

Ludivine is a two and a half year old bloodhound and she didn't bore anyone in the weeks leading up to the race with Facebook posts about her training regime or missing toenails, she just got on with it.

This dog is the business.


We are proud of you Ludivine!

Posted by Elkmont's Hound Dog Half on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Owner April Hamlin said the pooch escaped her Alabama home, made her way to the start of the half marathon and joined in when the race started, cantering along for all 13.1 miles and picking up a medal.

“Apparently she went to the race start and took off with the runners at the starting shot. She stayed with a few of the front runners, ran off to sniff some animal carcasses, romp in the water, and then back to the race. I understand she stayed on the course for 13.1 miles, finished seventh, and was the highest placed female,” Hamlin said.

“She’s laid back and friendly, so I can’t believe she ran the whole half marathon because she’s actually really lazy,” she added.

The annual race has been renamed the Hound Dog Half Marathon in Ludivine's honour. High five Ludivine.


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