Katie Price is selling her wedding dress on eBay

You can buy this wedding dress on eBay (and then wear it to your own wedding presumably). Picture from eBay

THE sassy lady award goes this week to Katie Price who is selling the dress she wore to marry cage fighter Alex Reid on online auction site eBay. At the time of writing Sleb Safari had been outbid by some crafty fox with a spare £9,377 in the bank. Katie listed the dress she wore to her second wedding for £249 but tens of thousands of sequins and the lingering scent of Alex Reid sent bidders into a frenzy and Sleb Safari lost out.

It’ll have to shelve its plans to open a Katie Price themed restaurant called Pricey but Nicey where the wedding dress would be tacked to the back wall alongside the signed postcard that everyone receives when they make a purchase from Katie’s eBay store. Sigh.

“I have built up a massive wardrobe over the last 10 years and now it’s time to sort through it and sell on my outfits,” Katie wrote on eBay.

“Most I have worn only once and some I haven’t even got round to wearing!’

The listing explains that Katie only wore the wedding dress for a few hours at her wedding reception so it’s practically box fresh. The dress she wore to her wedding ceremony must still be in her wardrobe.

The ivory white dress that’s for sale has a “plunging neckline, cut out back, built in padded bust support,

concealed zip fastening” and is “embellished with iridescent sequins in a droplet design” while the crossover straps “are embellished with beautiful jewels and beads” as is the under bust area which shall henceforth be referred to as the U-bust.

Sleb Safari is deeply suspicious of the person who outbid it at £9,377. Who would be so desperate for a wedding dress? It must be someone who’s planning to get married asap. Someone like Jerry Hall...

Jerry is marrying media mogul Rupert Murdoch and would like radiant in a dress with jewels and beads on the U-bust. Sleb Safari so looks forward to seeing the pictures in Murdoch titles.

Until then it high fives Katie Price, the queen of resourcefulness. She’s even got at least two more wedding dresses in your wardrobe so she’s quids in. How’s that for business acumen Lord Sugar?

Katie in all her splendour:




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