Ask Fiona: Why are women are so complicated?

Columnist and trained counsellor Fiona Caine offers her perspective on family dramas, emotional issues and dysfunctional relationships

"I've tried asking what's wrong, but she doesn't want to talk" 

I HAVE been in and out of relationships, but desperately want a steady girlfriend.

After a few dates, most girls just never reply to texts or calls and I don't understand why.

My last girlfriend said it's what girls do and that most don't want to get into a relationship.

I'm outgoing, respectful, play sports, I'm fit and have plenty of friends.

Currently I've been seeing a girl for nearly a month, but last weekend she went away without saying anything.

She hardly ever replies to my texts and when I call round to her house, she just sits there hardly speaking and rolling her eyes when I try to speak to her.

I've tried asking what's wrong, but she doesn't want to talk.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong - women are so complicated and seem to change their minds from day to day.

I'm so confused.


FIONA SAYS: You don't say how old you are, or how old your girlfriend is, but I can assure you, not all girls are the same.

There are plenty who would love a steady boyfriend and you sound like a great candidate.

Talk to a few of your mates and make sure there isn't anything off-putting about you, like bad breath or smelly feet.

It doesn't sound like your current relationship is going anywhere so rather than wait for her to dump you, take the initiative and act first.

Then, instead of actively seeking a date, start doing things and going places where you are likely to meet girls as friends.

Take up a sport where men and women do things together, for example, canoeing, or a hobby where you mix with girls, like amateur dramatics or singing.

It may take a while, but make friends first so that, if you do go on a date, they know you well enough to at least be polite enough to reply to your messages.

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