Sleb Safari: There's a new pig in the pen but she's no Miss Piggy

Kermit the Frog and his "close friend" Denise, the head of marketing at ABC

AS A long-time fan of the Muppets, Sleb Safari took Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy's break-up pretty badly. It's been nearly a month since they called time on the most toxic relationship in Tinseltown and Sleb Safari can't have been alone in thinking they'd patch things up.

However, word has reached Sleb Safari that Kermit is dating someone who is both colleague and pig.

Denise is head of marketing at ABC which is broadcasting the new Muppets show. No conflict of interests there Denise...

Sources have told People magazine that Denise always finds a reason to be on set when Kermit is there but he's insisting they are only "close friends". He's probably afraid Miss Piggy will fly into a rage.

Once People 'outed' them Kermit used social media in a doomed damage limitation exercise.

"While I prefer to keep my personal life private, this is Hollywood, so who am I kidding? It is true that I am dating again," he confirmed.

"However, at this time no one woman – pig or otherwise – is my official new girlfriend. We are simply close friends."

The comments section below his post was worth a read too. One man laid his soul bare – "That sad moment when a frog is dating and you are still single."

But while Kermit is hanging out with another pig – and a non-celeb at that – Miss Piggy has moved on to a Hollywood star who also happens to be Miley Cyrus's ex-fiance.

We know it's true because Liam Hemsworth joined Instagram to rub Kermit's nose in it.


Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on


Ladies, Miss Piggy could teach us a thing or two. If anyone's 'winning' in this break-up it's Miss Piggy. Charlie Sheen would be so proud.

And now it's time to pick sides. It's Team Aniston v Team Jolie all over again and you're either Team Piggy or Team Kermit. Choose wisely because this rumble in the jungle is going to run and run.


Taylor Swift boots Ian McKellen out of her apartment

IAN McKELLEN, actor, activist, Gandalf, has let slip that there's bad blood between him and Taylor Swift.

In July he and Patrick Stewart performed dramatic readings of Taylor's hits Blank Space and Bad Blood and tweeted the singer, asking if they could be part of her squad. Taylor replied that the pair of them were her "ultimate squad goals".

After that social media schmoozing Sleb Safari fully expected Taylor to invite them on stage during her mammoth 1989 tour. Yet, despite having everyone from Phoebe from Friends to Joan Baez join her, there was no sign of Ian and Patrick.

But in an interview with Gay Star News Ian revealed that Taylor did extend an invitation.

"She did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in LA, but I had something else to do that night." That night? She played five nights in LA...

You're still part of Taylor's squad though, isn't that right Ian?

"I’m not. When I was living in Peter Jackson’s apartment in New York, Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave! That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it? You look shocked," he told the reporter.

Gandalf evicted by Taylor Swift? No wonder the interviewer looked shocked.


When Barack met Bear


Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park. -bo

A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on


BARACK Obama, US President, and Bear Grylls, drinker of urine, have been hanging out in the Alaskan 'wilderness' together, doing whatever it is the president of the United States of America is contractually allowed to do in a place where actual bears live.

The prez and his friend Bear are highlighting climate change for a TV show and basically enjoying a summer bromance. Obama was the first to crack and post a selfie with his summer love.

"Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park," the president Instagrammed.

Judging by his chipper tone Obama clearly has yet to endure Bear's 'it's an opportunity clock, not an alarm clock' lecture.


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