Sling celebrates getting to the ripe old age of 100

Cocktail favourite: Singapore Sling
Dawn Egan

THE Singapore Sling is a world-renowned classic, and the cocktail turns 100 this year. Created in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore in 1915, the cocktail has been enjoyed by a raft of celebrities and intrigued visitors to the hotel ever since. It is one of those wonderful drinks that we probably have all heard of, but perhaps have never had. And because this recipe is often incorrectly recorded in most recipe books, even if you've think you've had it, you probably haven't. One of the key, and often overlooked ingredients is Benedictine. While the resulting flavour is not overpowering, it does add a certain taste profile that would be totally missing without this secret ingredient. The Singapore Sling was originally created by Mr Ngiam Tong Boon for the Raffles Hotel in Singapore but the exact date is in question, with some people claiming it was in 1915, some 1913, while the hotel itself claims that it was created sometime prior to 1910. There is also plenty of disagreement as to how closely the current version of this drink that is served at Raffles is to what was originally served. Apparently the original recipe was lost and forgotten sometime in the 1930's, and the drink that they currently serve at the hotel's Long Bar is based on memories of former bartenders, and some written notes that they were able to discover. Whatever the truth may be, this ‘iconic' drink is still enjoyed today, as much as it was back in the early 20th century. To combat the summer heat and raise a glass to the history of the cocktail in style, why not put a contemporary spin on the recipe with this 21st century concoction?


30 ml Gin; 10 ml Bénédictine DOM; 10 ml Cherry Brandy; 10 ml orange triple sec;

10 ml freshly squeezed lime juice; 5 ml grenadine; 100 ml freshly pressed pineapple juice; 4 dashes Angostura bitters.

Method: Assemble all the ingredients in the shaker with ice. Shake and double strain into the glass filled with ice cubes and garnish. Garnish with pineapple.wedge and cocktail cherry.

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