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THIS week in your Noise Annoys we kick off with words on tonight's free show at McHugh's in Belfast, an occasion which not only celebrates the start of the blessed weekend

but also the release of a brand new EP by local pop-punkers

No Matter.

Released via local label Punkerama, Drop The Act will be No Matter's first fully-fledged recording to feature second guitar slinger Adam 'The Beast' Sims, who made his studio debut on their recent covers of the SLF classic Tin Soldiers and 2RAK005 by Fat Wreck recording artists Bracket.

A Dangerfields survivor just like singer/guitarist Dan and bassist/ singer Catface, Mr Sims has actually been with the band for a good wee while now, swelling their numbers from power trio to quare quartet and doing a fine job of fattening up their live sound in the process.

But what about on record? Well, on the basis of these songs - seven in total, which pushes the EP into mini-album territory - the addition of an extra guitar has given No Matter the confidence to beef up their songwriting dynamics while bring their boy/girl vocalised melodies further to the fore.

The super sing-songy antics of Postpone (the EP's opening ode to procrastination), closer Contract ("work sucks") and stand-out moment Argumental (about dysfunctional relations, not the popular game show) find No Matter building on the tuneful pop punk blueprint set out by their earlier Fidge EP in fine, super catchy style, with the added bonus of higher fidelity production. The band's sonic touchstones remain Screeching Weasel, Green Day (Dan's vocals definitely have a Belfast-accented Billy Joe vibe), The Queers, NOFX and other giants of the genre, but when bassist Catface capably steps up to the mic on the EPs other essential selection, Too Bad, they start to sound a bit like a female-fronted take on the Bouncing Souls - no bad thing as far as these here ears are concerned.

With Dan back on point for the fast and fun skate thrash of Sour Grapes, No Matter inject a little early Pennywise into the mix, while the similarly frantic kiss-off of Bite (another Catface-sung number) proves the quartet are more than capable than keeping the pedal to the metal without losing their tunefulness.

As for Sick's simple three-chord 'bored-with-my-bird' boogie, while it feels a little like a hangover from an earlier era of the band, it more than merits inclusion here just because it's executed so damn well.

You will surely hear all of the above and many more of your granny's No Matter favourites - she loves nothing more than a wee blast of Were-spide while supping her bedtime Buckfast, I heard - tonight at McHugh's.

As mentioned way up the page somewhere, it will cost you absolutely zero pounds. Even better, those cramming themselves through the very door of this bijou basement venue from 9pm will also get to experience quality supporting turns from like-minded pop punk kids Left Undercover, Nerdmore and DropYour Guns. What else do you want, a free toaster?

After the dust settles on what is surely set to be a damn fine shin-dig, No Matter will be jetting off (by ferry) for a summer jaunt around the island sometimes referred to as Great Britain.

This series of rapid-fire live happenings begins in Birmingham on Sunday night, with subsequent consecutively arranged engagements in London, Brighton, Glasgow (now there's a hellride), then Leeds (ouch) and finally the Worstead Festival just outside Norwich (another fair auld trek).

Clocking in at a round trip grand total of 1,727 miles excluding ferry crossings, it seems No Matter's latest tour is going to be a lot like the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Who will survive - and what will be left of them?

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