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Summer camp launch music to their ears

Summer camp launch music to their ears

The Michaela Foundation announced last night that it would hold 8 camps in July across several northern counties and Dublin. To read the full article buy the Irish News in store or subscribe online today.
Sea Sessions Surf & Music Festival

Sea Sessions Surf & Music Festival

Don't miss your chance to win 1 of 3 pairs of weekend passes to Sea Sessions Surf & Music Festival. For more information on the competition buy the Irish News in store or subscribe online today.


Don't miss the week's Jobs on Thursday. For full details buy the Irish News in store or subscribe online today.


Don't miss all the latest from your club in today's CLUBcall. Pick up your copy today in store, or subscribe online today.
True to our words

True to our words

The Irish News has launched a brand new advertising campaign, 'True to our words', which will highlight the important role the newspaper plays in the daily lives of its readers.

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