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What to expect at a WW studio:

• Inspiration and connection
• Share your journey with a group of fellow members through weekly in-person Workshops.
• Insightful weekly lessons from an expert
• Get strategies on achieving a healthier lifestyle from a supportive Wellness Coach.
• Support with our Digital offering
• Guidance with the digital tools to help you plan your meals and stay on track
• Choose your membership type
• At registration you will choose your preferred membership, wellness and weight loss or wellness without a weight loss focus

Take a look at this inspirational testimonial below;

John Cardin says:

Clocking up 25km a week pounding the streets near his home, John Cardin can't believe how much his life has changed.
At the start of 2016 the dad-of-three was feeling low and lethargic as his weight tipped the scale at almost 17 stone following a health scare.
The discovery of an abscess in his stomach area resulted in him undergoing four surgeries, leaving him with spinal issues and a loss of mobility.
As his health continued to suffer, the 47-year-old decided enough was enough and he signed up to his local Wellness Workshop in Carndonagh in a bid to tackle the bulge - and he hasn't looked back since.
Walking into that first Workshop in March 2016, John was on a mission and knew what he wanted to achieve.

Fast forward to today and the health sector worker is a changed man, dropping four stone and nine pounds to weigh in just over 12 stone.
"I had just got to the point I had put on too much weight and as I started to recover, get more mobile and back to driving, I thought this is the time," he said.
"It was the fact I had been so ill, it made me think I need to do something now to get healthy, I need to make sure I do not go back.
"It was a bad situation that drove me forward, not wanting to go back to that."
So as well as following the WW programme, John also started exercising and now runs 25km a week and has completed three half marathons.
"Week by week I noticed I had more energy and was just feeling better overall and in myself," said John, who lives in Co Donegal with wife Una and their children.
"I also started to notice it in my clothes and I started to give clothes that no longer fitted to charity so there was no going back as I would have nothing to wear.
"My progress has been up and down if you look at it on a graph what with holidays and Christmas but I have always gone in the right direction and there have been more going down than up with my weight.
"This year in particular I started running, I have never run before but now I have done three half marathons and I am running 25km a week.
"My life has completely changed. I have three children and I have to think about them too, I just feel a lot better and have more energy.
"Following the WW programme and exercise, the two of them together has been amazing and my leader Edel Doherty has been so supportive, as have the whole class. We all provide help and support for each other.
"WW changed my life in so many ways, I have more energy and in work I am thinking clearer and have more drive, there's no going back.
"My health was the big thing for me, it is so precious and I do not want to go back, I just want to be healthy for the first time in my life."

John said a huge factor for him was cutting back on alcohol and attributed it to one of the big reasons for his weight gain. He also said he wouldn't touch a takeaway now and has completely cut out pizza and chips from his diet.
"You can still have a social life and enjoy yourself but it is about knowing your limits," he said.
In a word of advice to others who want to start their own Wellness journey, John added: "It is 95% in your own head, you have to start and be completely motivated and if you are motivated you will do it.
"There is nothing to stop you and the tools are all there from WW, you need to follow the plan and if you do you will definitely lose weight and if you exercise you will also lose weight.
"The result is you will have a much better life and you will have a much more positive outlook."

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WW hold almost 900 weekly meetings throughout the 32 counties, facilitated by hundreds of leaders, each of whom has lost weight on the WW programme. The leaders are trained to deliver  informative classes to educate people how to make the changes required to lose weight.

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