WW. Weight Watchers reimagined.

What to expect at a WW studio:

• Inspiration and connection
• Share your journey with a group of fellow members through weekly in-person Workshops.
• Insightful weekly lessons from an expert
• Get strategies on achieving a healthier lifestyle from a supportive Wellness Coach.
• Support with our Digital offering
• Guidance with the digital tools to help you plan your meals and stay on track
• Choose your membership type
• At registration you will choose your preferred membership, wellness and weight loss or wellness without a weight loss focus

Take a look at this inspirational testimonial below;

WW (the new Weightwatchers) turned Anita's life around after losing six stone

Knock on the door of Anita Murray’s Banbridge home and you’re unlikely to find her in. She could be out with friends, walking her cute chocolate brown dog aptly named Revels, at her Boxercise class or playing Badminton – take your pick!

Being busy enjoying life might not seem that remarkable to others but for Anita it’s been a drastic and welcome turnaround from two-and-a-half years ago when her lease for life was at a low ebb.

Comfort eating following her divorce and the bereavement of her dear mother Margaret meant Anita’s weight had crept up to 15 stone 11lbs. It had left the normally outgoing publishing executive not wanting to go out the door.

Anita explained: “I would have been very outgoing and would have played sport, but it got to the stage that when people asked me to go places, I declined and made excuses.

“The only excuse was I didn’t feel comfortable in myself. That went on for quite a while and I just thought there is more to life than this.”

Anita took matters into her own hands and the day after her birthday on January 9, 2017 joined up to WW.

What Anita really found useful was that the WW weekly workshops didn’t only educate you about the nutritional values in foods but also helped with creating the right mindset to lose weight. This she credits as a key ingredient to her weight lose success.

The Co Down woman has managed to shed an incredible six stone and feels like she’s got her love of life back. Exercising and going shopping are now enjoyable activities instead of being dreaded chores.

Anita adds: “Anyone can do it if you believe in yourself.”

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