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WW Flex encourages you to enjoy food with freedom, find what moves you physically, and gives you the skills to shift your mindset.

How Weight Watchers Flex® works

We know that your success goes beyond the numbers on the scale. Now, healthier food choices, increased fitness and feeling good is what matters. And Weight Watchers will help you every step of the way, with studies proving that support and encouragement is critical to weight-loss success.
At Weight Watchers, you’ll receive a personalised food budget and fitness goal to work towards to help you look better, feel great and lose weight. And we’ll give you all the support you need to do it your way.
Our proven SmartPoints ® system is now even more flexible and makes deciding what to do easy!

-More choice

Over 200 zero SmartPoints foods, like chicken, fish, eggs, corn beans and more.

-Less counting and tracking

You don’t have to track any foods that is zero SmartPoints!

-Introducing rollovers

Roll over up to four unused SmartPoints into your bank of weeklies for a day when you need them. The same foods that were zero SmartPoints in the previous plan are still zero now – but we've greatly expanded the list!

WeightWatchers have classes throughout Northern Ireland

Why not make 2018 your year for a change to a healthier lifestyle. Enrol now in a Weight Watchers class in your local area


Take a look at this inspirational testimonial below;

NAME                   Dearbhla Bennett

FROM                   Mulladh Bán

LOST                      3 stone 9 pounds

CLASS                    Forkhill

LEADER                 Catherine Kieran

Dearbhla says:

“I had my first baby, Ciara, in 2010, and I had a bit of weight to lose, so I joined that January and had my weight off by Easter. Then Catherine, my leader, asked me to clerk for her, so I was always at the class. In 2012, I had my second baby, Micheál, which left me with weight to lose again, but I never quite got back to goal. Then I had two miscarriages in quick succession, and after that the weight piled on.

Thankfully I got pregnant again and Niall was born in 2016. I was so happy to be pregnant with him, and conscious of the fact that it was probably going to be my last pregnancy, that I ate all around me. Even when I was full, I’d keep eating. So, after Niall was born, I was left with a mountain to climb. I went back to Weight Watchers but only lasted a week, as Niall was diagnosed with reflux and I felt as if I just couldn’t do it all. I decided to give myself some more time, but I spent all those weeks eating and put on another seven pounds in the process.

That August, I went to put on a pair of my ‘big’ shorts and they wouldn’t button. When my husband, Shane, saw me, he pointed out to me that they were actually his shorts – he’s six feet four inches tall and well built, I couldn’t believe it, it was a real low point for me. I was struggling to tie my shoe laces because of the rolls of fat, and I even had layers of back fat, which really shocked me.

So, I decided that I was going back to class properly as a member, and that I was really going to do it. I decided that I was going to embrace the whole thing, to really become a part of the class and let the other members in to what I was doing. I made up a poster, and put ‘My Weight Loss Journey’ on the top, and I used it to keep track of how I was doing, what my goals were and how I was feeling. Even if I lost just half a pound, it would go up on the poster, and it helped me to see the bigger picture of what I was achieving.

I made a point of letting the other members into my journey; their input was just as important to me as my tracker. I shared my story with them and listened to what they had to say, and because of that I knew that I wasn’t alone. I filled my tracker out every night in my best hand writing, and always made sure to record what I did that day to make myself happy.

I made certain switches with my food, but there were somethings that I kept eating, because I enjoyed them, and cutting them out would have made me sad! I think if you cut out everything you love, you’ll end up feeling like a martyr and it won’t work. The Weight Watchers tip of ‘Be Real, Not Perfect’, makes total sense, you have to listen to yourself and do what works for you. I always made sure I had four extra SmartPoints in the evening so I could have supper, which was toast with butter and banana.

I also started doing an exercise class, and now I’m also doing Pilates, and Gaelic Football for mammies! My brother was captain of the Armagh team, but I had never held a ball in my life. I go to football twice a week, and I love it. I love to exercise and stay fit, as apart from everything else, it’s my hour out of the house to myself – it’s like practical mindfulness and a real boost to my mental health.

I finally reached my goal weight in May of this year. I feel extremely proud of myself for what I’ve done. Most importantly, I wanted to be a good example to my children, particularly my daughter. They’ve watched me losing weight and getting healthier, and I’ve done it in a positive way, so there’s never been any complaining about what I could or couldn’t eat.

It’s great to know I can pick out anything I want to wear and it will fit, but it’s never about showing off what I’ve done. I’ve been humbled by the whole process, particularly as I’ve shared it with all the other members, so I don’t feel I need to outdo or impress anyone, this is all just for me. It feels strange because I don’t ever remember being a size 10, even when I was a teenager. I’m absolutely delighted!”

Dearbhla's tips for success

Celebrate every loss, even if it’s just half a pound. If you don’t feel like you got the results you deserve, then be patient, it’ll come the following week.

Do some kind of exercise, even if you’re lying on a chair kicking your legs, if it’s more than you used to do, then you’re starting to get active – build on it from there.

Always leave a few SmartPoints aside for supper.

Dearbhla's tips for success

  1. Celebrate every loss, even if it’s just half a pound. If you don’t feel like you got the results you deserve, then be patient, it’ll come the following week.
  2. Do some kind of exercise, even if you’re lying on a chair kicking your legs, if it’s more than you used to do, then you’re starting to get active – build on it from there.
  3. Always leave a few SmartPoints aside for supper.

Weight Watchers hold almost 900 weekly meetings throughout the 32 counties, facilitated by hundreds of leaders, each of whom has lost weight on the Weight Watchers programme. The leaders are trained to deliver  informative classes to educate people how to make the changes required to lose weight.

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