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The science of winning in business

Can a person train their mind so they become a winner in business? 

What really separates perceived winners and losers? Ashley Merryman is a New York times best-selling author. She's co-written a book called Top Dog, and she believes she can help anyone get mentally tough enough to compete in a way that suits them. (She has consulted with Olympic athletes to find out what makes a champion.)

"Everyone thinks winners win all the time. That's not the case. What makes a winner over time is that seeing the benefit of competition is improvement. Winners accept it can take a long time to get good at something. Losers just give up and get frustrated. Winners focus on success, people who lose worry about failure."

You can listen to Ashley's interview on our podcast to hear about how your personal approach has a very real impact that makes a BIG difference to performance. Plus she has some tips about "Home advantage". Sports teams score better when they're playing at their home ground. The same applies to business. Ashley explains why you should always negotiate on home turf. It could make a difference to your next business meeting.

Plus Business Improvement Districts have been slow to take off here. But after a lot of debate, more towns and cities are now embracing the concept.

The simple idea underpinning the BID process is a pooling of contributions from businesses to fund initiatives that otherwise wouldn't happen.

In Belfast, menswear retailer Chris Suitor says he's already more than recouped his outlay through savings from the city's BID projects.

The Managing Director of Belfast One Clare Maguire says such is the growing reputation of BIDs she expects other urban areas to follow suit and set up their own projects. In the podcast she explains why she thinks it's a good idea.


Our start-up this week is Storm Harvester. They build drainage systems to harvest rain water, which they claim can reduce water demand in commercial developments. Listen in to see if you think it's a system that will take off.

The Profit Margin Podcast

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