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Does the Northern Ireland software industry need its own representative body?

The Profit Margin asks whether the software industry in Northern Ireland requires a single trade body
The Profit Margin

Is the software industry here suffering because it lacks a body with the authority to speak on its behalf?

Unlike some other sectors, technology isn't represented by a single voice though individual firms do press its case.

On the Profit Margin we ask whether the software industry would be better off with a lobbying group to present a consistent message to politicians and the public.

One man maintains that the current fragmented approach is typical of the sector, and it's the same in Dublin or London. Gareth Quinn is from Digital DNA, a brand that runs business and technology conferences.

"We can sit back and wait for one voice, but you have more and more examples of industry taking the bull by the horns and doing it themselves. Plenty of people in the technology sector in Northern Ireland are putting their shoulder to the wheel, they don't sit around and wait," he said.

In the podcast we'll hear from Gareth about what the technology sector does want to achieve and if there are any specific strategies in place.

An industry that does have a one body that represents what it wants is the manufacturing sector.

Stephen Kelly is from Manufacturing NI. It covers a diverse group of businesses, from the small to the large. That range naturally does come with challenges but there are a set of tactics he employs.

"You have to bring evidence to policy makers and you have to bring solutions, not just gripes. It's crucial to get organised, get visible and communicate. We also hold onto what we've got and break everything down into smaller issues. We don't swamp policy makers with demands."

You can find out more about methods to get your message across in Stephen's interview and why he thinks those tactics work.

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