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Where is the commercial property market headed in 2017?

2016 has been a year of surprises. On our podcast Declan Flynn from Lisney Estate Agents sums up the year as: "Start-stop. A great start then it slowed down. If you look at retail though, retail has been strong. If you look at the centre of Belfast vacancy rates are down."

Top hotelier Bill Wolsey talks about expansion plans

Any business would like a bulging trophy cabinet full of awards for their work. We were at the Business Eye Awards to meet some of the winners. One man who has scored high profile plaudits is Bill Wolsey, the man behind the very successful hospitality empire that includes The Merchant hotel and the Little Wing pizza chain.

What does the run up to Christmas tell us about the economy?

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas in the shops. So how are retailers gearing up for the prime time of year that's crucial to the survival of many smaller shops. Plus robust consumer spending is crucial to recovery, so what is it telling us about the wider economy?

Dealing with conflict at work

Do you or your team need to get better at dealing with conflict at work and having difficult conversations? It can take up a lot of time and damage productivity if personality clashes aren't handled properly. What do you need to do, to resolve an issue so it doesn't keep re-appearing?

Data and your customers: The dilemma

Companies are amassing more and more personal data. Used properly it can help customers find the products and services they want. A win that's making everybody happy then? Not quite.

How to manage a family business

Family businesses have been described as the backbone of the local economy. Less focused than typical PLCs on short term results, they are better able to take the long view on investment and profit taking.

The future of work

Much has been made about technological advances in the office; ironically it means we don’t even need an office anymore as remote working is now easier and more accessible than ever.

What does it really take to open a coffee shop?

The Profit Margin
Opening a coffee shop. It sounds a dream. A straightforward business that makes easy money, isn't burdened with much regulation and operates pretty much stress free.

Can the Belfast airports really compete with Dublin?

The Profit Margin
You'll have seen the ads. Dublin Airport is making an aggressive bid to attract travellers from Northern Ireland. Annually around 400,000 passengers from the North are now flying in and out of Dublin. The trade is seen as a threat leaching business from local airports. But should we  completely change our thinking around Dublin airport? Look at it as a strategic asset - as a gateway into Northern Ireland. Work with it rather than against it?

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