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Tax free childcare – what is it?

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: As a self-employed builder with a young family, I am interested to learn more about tax benefits of childcare costs.

Let's do it for the kids - and help get them on the property ladder

Michael Kennedy
HAVE you thought about planning ahead to help your son or daughter on to the property ladder, in a few years’ time? Why am I thinking of this today? A colleague here has just returned from a holiday in Rome with two overwhelming impressions of Italian life.

Google and Facebook in $100 million hacker hit

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING your questions from last week’s column on the multiple investment scams we seem to be facing at the moment, I thought I would follow on with ‘others to keep your eye on’.

It pays to be 'pension savvy' when planning your retirement

Michael Kennedy
ARE you ‘pension savvy’ about planning your retirement? A major new report has indicated that in general, pension savers are mostly ‘saving blind’ into their pensions, with no idea how much they will get out when they retire.

What's your business worth?

Janette Burns
QUESTION: One of my employees has built up a close relationship with many of our key customers, so to incentivise him to stay with the company for the long term I would like to offer him the opportunity to acquire shares in the business.

How you can avoid those hidden holiday costs

Peter McGahan
THE holiday season is on its way, so where are the cost savings? Personally I always like to have a holiday booked, so I have that in the tank to look forward to.

How to use trusts to pass on family wealth

Malachy McLernon
QUESTION: I am approaching my mid sixties and I want to pass some wealth to my adult children but I would like to retain some control over these assets.

Best to prepare for long-term care

Michael Kennedy
ONE of the potential challenges of later life is the possibility that, one day, our health may not be what it is today.

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