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£407 or £91 per week

Peter McGahan
BUYING winners and selling losers is the key to making the best returns for your investments, and countless newspaper column inches will have your Fear of Losing out (FOLO) adequately teased with the bullseye statement of ‘just look at what you could’ve won’.

Don't be in the donkey derby in the savings race

Michael Kennedy
THE Christmas stock is in the shops, and during the week I happened to notice some cute cuddly toys, perfect for stocking-fillers if you have young kids (when I was young they’d have been perfect as the main present, but we won’t go into that).

How are you ‘feline’ today?

Michael Kennedy
IF you’re a cat lover, you should be feeling good – especially if you’re thinking about making a will.

Breaking down the Budget

Paddy Harty
IN a Budget speech lasting over one hour, the Chancellor appeared to present a giveaway Budget to UK taxpayers.

Cover your family in case you can't ‘bring home the bacon’

Michael Kennedy
Here’s a question for you: do you like bacon? Even if you don’t, would you be able to ‘bring home the bacon’ to pay your family bills if you couldn’t work? The average UK employee has enough savings to keep the household for 32 days, if they stopped earning.

Why such noisy markets?

Peter McGahan
IN the wake of stock market volatility, Donald Trump announces that his biggest threat is the Federal Reserve.

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