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Don't 'go it alone' with pensions advice

Michael Kennedy
IT'S a constant problem with pensions savers that they are often unaware of all the flexibilities and options now available to them, when approaching retirement.

The great inflation robbery

Peter McGahan
I DISTINCTLY remember the price on the bottom right of a bag of Tayto when I was six years old, which said 2p.

Summer jobs need not be taxing

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I’m home from university for the summer and I’ve started working full time in a local café to help pay off some of my student debt.

The state pension age is on the rise

Gareth McKeown
AS we have known for the past seven years, the age at which we can take our state pension is being gradually increased to reflect the fact that we are living longer.

Counter intuitive investing at retirement

Peter McGahan
AFTER last week’s column on the level of income you can take from your pension in retirement without eroding your capital, I’ll add some tips on how we might maintain your financial security by shoring up your pension values.

Tax free childcare – what is it?

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: As a self-employed builder with a young family, I am interested to learn more about tax benefits of childcare costs.

Let's do it for the kids - and help get them on the property ladder

Michael Kennedy
HAVE you thought about planning ahead to help your son or daughter on to the property ladder, in a few years’ time? Why am I thinking of this today? A colleague here has just returned from a holiday in Rome with two overwhelming impressions of Italian life.

Google and Facebook in $100 million hacker hit

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING your questions from last week’s column on the multiple investment scams we seem to be facing at the moment, I thought I would follow on with ‘others to keep your eye on’.

It pays to be 'pension savvy' when planning your retirement

Michael Kennedy
ARE you ‘pension savvy’ about planning your retirement? A major new report has indicated that in general, pension savers are mostly ‘saving blind’ into their pensions, with no idea how much they will get out when they retire.

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