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Make sure your pension doesn't become a right old turkey

Darren McKeever
With news that the Pensions Regulator is calling for more power to protect workers, how can this make sure that our company pension is safe? Pensions are never far from the news, and now the pensions regulator is asking for new powers to stop final-salary pension schemes being dumped when companies are sold.

Netting a Bargain: New customers get £50 per month off Sky TV

Jonathan Campbell
- FANCY trying Sky with a £50-per-month discount for a year? If you haven’t had Sky TV, phone or broadband in the past 12 months and you take out its new, premium Sky Q service, you can get this whopping saving of up to 60 per cent using a special promotion from consumer website www.

Beware the perils of paying your employees

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I operate a manufacturing business employing 100 staff and my payroll manager has advised me of the new National Minimum Wage rate from October 1.

Think carefully before jumping on the fastest train

Darren McKeever
AFTER sterling fell to its lowest level against the dollar following news that Theresa May will start the Brexit process in March, how worried should we be about our investments? As someone used to say, there is no such thing as good news or bad news, only news.

Over 50s holiday spending on the up

Darren McKeever
WITH news that over-50s have increased spending on holidays by 23 per cent, should I get one of those 'I’m spending my kids inheritance’ stickers and just enjoy life? With the 2016 we’ve had to date and what’s still to come with Brexit and the US presidential race, then it’s pretty tempting to just go on one long holiday.

Why Ponzi is relevant to our own state pension scheme

Michael Kennedy
HOW much will you depend on the state pension when you retire? This is an important question, because there is a likelihood that the state pension when you are retiring may be markedly different - and possibly a lot less – than it is today.

We're growing old - but how can we pay for our care?

Darren McKeever
WITH an ageing population and funded support diminishing, how can you ensure you get the care you may need without impacting on your family’s future? The simple answer is to speak to an independent financial adviser and plan ahead.

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