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'Only little people pay taxes'

Peter McGahan
‘WE don’t pay taxes, only little people pay taxes’ - The haunting words of the late Leona Hemsley, the billionaire convicted of tax fraud, after she tried to squeeze workers on her $20 million property by not paying bills.

The risks of buying property for your children

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I would like to help my daughter on to the property ladder, but I am concerned about the risks involved and the possible loss of family wealth if she enters a future relationship which fails.

Where's the MOT for our finances?

Michael Kennedy
WHICH of the following is going to last longer: your car or your wealth? The law looks after your car by demanding an MOT every year, but there’s no MOT for our finances.

Should you pay off your mortgage earlier?

Peter McGahan
WITH interest rates potentially on the move, investors are wondering if they should pay their mortgage off, or even make larger monthly payments.