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What workplace benefits are taxable?

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I'm keen to introduce a flexible, tax efficient remuneration package for key staff within my company so I am reviewing existing employees’ remuneration packages for tax and NIC efficiency.

Insure yourself against Brexit D-Day

Michael Kennedy
Is anybody weary of listening to political speculation about what form we’ll be in after Brexit? It’s causing enough hot air in Westminster to heat the whole of Lisburn.

Is buy-to-let still attractive?

Paddy Harty
QUESTION : I have built up some spare cash and was thinking of investing it in residential property buy-to-lets.

Is equity release right for me?

Peter McGahan
IN my 30 years in financial planning, I've loathed the word ‘equity’ as a term when relating to property, as I often saw it used as an excuse for people to be sold into debt.

Parents - the ninth biggest lender in UK

Peter McGahan
IF the leader of our council tweeted their policies rather than documenting them, we would demand their sacking, yet a president can tweet his intended threats of war, and we shrug our shoulders.

Jumping market jitters

Peter McGahan
IMMEDIATE gratification, immediate data and nonsense news, immediate response.

It doesn't pay to go it alone

Michael Kennedy
IT’S the new tax year, and the flexibilities that allow us to draw down cash from our pension savings are three years old this week.

Changes to rates for staff pension payments

Feargal McCormack
QUESTION: I auto-enrolled my staff into an auto-enrolment qualifying workplace pension in the middle of last year and recently I received correspondence that contributions are changing.

Ken Dodd had the last laugh

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I suspect Ken Dodd had a chuckle when he married his long term partner of 40 years hours before his death in order to avoid an Inheritance tax bill.

Last minute tax planning - what you should know

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: With the tax year end fast approaching, is there any last minute tax planning that I should be considering? ANSWER: With just 10 days to go to the end of the UK income tax year on April 5 there is still time to undertake income and capital gains tax (CGT) planning to avail of any reliefs still unused.

'Review, review. review, review'

Michael Kennedy
DID you know that April 6th is the official first day of spring for financial advisers? It’s the start of the new tax year! An uplifting time of renewal, rebirth, and new tax allowances, a time when, in the mists of early dawn, we advisers hold our electronic calculators towards the rising sun and chant: “Review, review.

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