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Trump v everyone - and the war with China?

Peter McGahan
IN the third of our trilogy on how Donald Trump might affect your pensions and investments, we turn to the threat to smaller companies and that of war.

How will Trump impact our pensions and investments?

Darren McKeever
AFTER what we've seen and heard in the last week we might be asking ourselves: How did the US let this happen? How did their so-called developed society allow this situation to occur? Facebook memes and reality TV shows have perhaps not been as successful in raising IQs as perhaps they were intended.

Where's the best place now to put that lump sum?

Darren McKeever
IF you’ve got a lump sum of cash to invest or are concerned about your investments due to current global and UK events, how can you ensure you get the right return for your financial future? New US President Donald Trump has wasted no time in making an impact during his first few days in office.

Crossing the border to work

Janette Burns
QUESTION: My family home is in Dublin but I have recently started to work for a large Belfast based company.

What’s the cost of Brexit in your back pocket?

Darren McKeever
IF you’re about to hit the slopes of Europe to enjoy some winter skiing or snowboarding, the average cost of an après-ski beer in Cauterets in the French Pyrenees, for example, will cost you around £5.

Making sense of your tax payments

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: I provide my accountant with all my personal financial information to allow him to prepare and file my tax return.

Don't give the taxman a slice of your cake

Michael Kennedy
ONE of the most fascinating pastimes in the first days of a new year is to stroll around the supermarket and eavesdrop on some end-of-festive-season conversations (like "no more alcohol ever again" or "please not another turkey curry").

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