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Do I transfer from my company pension?

Peter McGahan
Do I transfer from my company pension? It’s a question we’ve been asked lots of late and we couldn’t be faced with a longer answer.

Your guide to the world of Isas

Michael Kennedy
Do you have an individual savings account, better known as an Isa? If so, you will be aware that there are two main types: the Cash Isa, and the Stocks and Shares Isa.

Advisers accused of misleading clients on costs

Peter McGahan
LAST week I talked about the impact of risk on your investments and pensions but failed to mention one of the biggest risks I see within an investor’s (or pension investor’s) hard earned money.

Netting a Bargain: Your guide to savvy shopping

Jonathan Campbell
- WANT an extra £5 to spend at Amazon? Top up your account balance using the new PayPoint option in certain bricks-and-mortar businesses and you'll get a bonus £5 when you add £20 or more of credit.

You can plan for sickness

Michael Kennedy
Have you heard that for people who are off work on long-term sick the banks are saying 'Just you take a good rest, and don’t worry about the mortgage, until you get better'? Nope, me neither.

Investing – like crossing the road

Peter McGahan
Risk. What on earth is that then? The choice of walking straight across the road rather than walking 20m to the pedestrian crossing? With that split decision comes to component parts – the potential for return and the potential for loss.

Korea, China and stock markets

Peter McGahan
Following last week’s review on the impact of Korea on markets, I had a number of calls asking for further information regarding the instability it would cause.

Don’t get burnt by summer taxes

Janette Burns
QUESTION : My daughter is home for the summer from university and has been working full-time in a small local business to help pay for the costs of university life.

It pays to heed financial advice

Michael Kennedy
Isn’t it nice to know you’re appreciated? It’s even nicer when it’s possible to put an exact value on the service you offer.

North Korea and your pensions

Peter McGahan
The old saying of ‘he who accuses too many accuses himself’ may well be true of Mr Trump, a man seemingly keen on starting a fight, or building a wall with anyone who dislikes his tweets.

Accessing your pension before the age of 65 is the 'new norm'

Michael Kennedy
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is the regulator for the financial services industry, has issued a warning to pension savers about the dangers of making major financial decisions without consulting a financial adviser.

'Shrinkflation' hits at the world of retirement planning

Michael Kennedy
Have you heard of ‘shrinkflation’? It's this month's buzzword, and describes how some products we buy in the supermarket are being reduced in size or weight, but continue to be sold at the same price.

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