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State pension 'is still in intensive care'

Michael Kennedy
Anyone listening to the Chancellor Philip Hammond in last week’s Autumn Statement might have had the impression that he hasn’t touched our pensions.

It’s a taxing time at Christmas for staff

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: My business has performed well this year and I want to buy gifts for my employees for Christmas as a thank you for their hard work and commitment.

Who'll foot the bill for the 'financial uncertainty' of later life?

Darren McKeever
PENSIONS and social care are high on the agenda, especially after the Chancellor’s autumn statement, but how can you prepare for later life while there is so much uncertainty surrounding who foots the bill? We’ve written a lot about pensions and the cost of care over the last few months, and with good reason.

Buy-to-let under threat

Darren McKeever
WITH plans to scrap buy-to-let tax relief due to come into effect next April, many investors are considering selling up.

Welcome to the 'post-truth' era

Darren McKeever
IF you ever wanted any more convincing that we now live in the so-called 'post-truth era', then just take a look at what happened in America, where Donald Trump, the poster boy of post-truth, has been elected as President.

Make sure your pension doesn't become a right old turkey

Darren McKeever
With news that the Pensions Regulator is calling for more power to protect workers, how can this make sure that our company pension is safe? Pensions are never far from the news, and now the pensions regulator is asking for new powers to stop final-salary pension schemes being dumped when companies are sold.

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