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Capital tax conundrum

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: I am considering either selling my company or gifting the shares to my children.

Succession planning for businesses

Peter McGahan
LAST week’s column talked about the serious issues that could occur when a business doesn’t have its own ‘will’ or protection in place, effectively wiping out the investment which is your business, which would almost certainly have gone to your beneficiaries free of inheritance tax.

How at risk are your business assets?

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING last week’s column on how to protect/insure yourself and particularly if you have a business, we had a number of calls asking how a business is at risk if there was a death of a key person/owner.

Speed and the self-employed

Michael Kennedy
ARE you part of the UK’s ‘forgotten generation’ – do you work for yourself? A tradesman I know once said that the great thing about being self-employed is that the boss always likes you, but financially it can be a long, hard road.

Lifetime ISAs, double tax break

Peter McGahan
SOUNDING like my parents or grandparents can have a positive or negative connotation, but one sticks for sure: ‘It wasn’t like this for me as a child’.

Holiday currency rip off prices

Peter McGahan
IN the madness that is today’s society and political system, you would be forgiven for going on an eternal holiday.

How can you get your bank savings working harder for you?

Michael Kennedy
ARE you feeling financially exhausted by the low interest rates on offer to savers in recent years? The past decade has not been kind, marked as it was by the Bank of England holding its base rate of interest at their lowest levels ever.

Savvy Sandra and the stock market

Michael Kennedy
THE Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said "The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable".