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Watch the rain . . . not the jelly

Peter McGahan
THE housing market appears to be retreating slightly in light of many factors but what might it mean for borrowers and buyers alike? As always, it’s a case of seeing through the noise and being the canary – the live one, not the test one.

Passive investors in bubbles?

Peter McGahan
THERE are many plus points to investing into passive funds rather than active funds, and of course the opposite can also be said.

Insurance is for life, health, income - and even your brontosaurus

Michael Kennedy
HAVE you ever had trouble with badgers damaging your swimming pool? This, and many more unusual situations, can be covered by insurance, and Aviva have produced a list of their more wildly unusual insurance claims, which we’ll look at later on.

It’s that time of year again

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: With the July 6 deadline approaching for employers to report employee benefits and expenses I am aware of changes brought in on April 6 2016.

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