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The complexities of Entrepreneur's Relief

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I want to transfer some shares in my trading business to my sons while ensuring that all the shareholdings remain tax efficient if the company is sold in the future.

How to protect your business

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING on from last week’s column, I spoke to a number of business people who were unaware how their business was protected and how to protect it.

Correcting errors on previous VAT returns

Malachy McLernon
QUESTION: I prepare and complete the quarterly VAT returns for my small business and noticed recently that I had made some errors in previous returns.

Tax free life insurance or 55% tax?

Peter McGahan
TAKING care of the pennies so the pounds took care of themselves was a discipline I’m sure most mothers knocked slowly into each of our heads.

Reducing risk, extra returns, and being nice with it. That’s ESG

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING last week’s column on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, what are the issues to look out for when screening for the best returns and best funds to choose? In the ‘beginning’, we had ethical funds, sustainable funds and socially responsible funds, now we have the term ESG.

Tax and working from home

Janette Burns
QUESTION: I have a very long commute to work every day and my duties often involve me working late into the evenings so I regularly take a lot of work home with me.

Pension peril for the stay at home parent

Michael Kennedy
Are you a stay at home mum? If you are, or even a stay at home dad, then, much as we love our children, they could be seriously damaging your wealth, in terms of your pension.

The surge of socially responsible investing

Peter McGahan
STANDING next to a plaque in the pure silent outback of Australia, the statement opened with ‘when the first Europeans came here…” with no mention of the indigenous people who had lived there for 45,000 years before.

(Dis)orderly Brexit, (dis)orderly investments

Peter McGahan
SO what’s likely to happen to my investments particularly in light of the 2018 market downturn and a Brexit deal? Last year was torrid for most investors with virtually no equity markets producing a positive return.

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