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Does investment fund size lose you money?

Peter McGahan
DOES the size of an investment fund impact its performance and are you losing out because of it? I've read countless studies on this and the two main studies conclude the reverse of each other.

When tax cuts cause a loss

Peter McGahan
THINK-tanks talking about taxes! Scaremongering, vote gaining, lobbying for the lobbyist’s financial gain, newspaper filling, or just boring? It’s often hard to tell.

Cars and tax . . . and why electric might be your best option

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: I am considering changing my car which I use in my business and am confused about the term “VAT qualifying” does this mean I can recover the VAT on the purchase of the car? Does it differ if the car is electric? ANSWER: The terminology “VAT qualifying” is confusing and unfortunately is often used unscrupulously by car dealers and salesmen to entice customers to purchase a car on the grounds that they will be able to recover the VAT incurred in the purchase.