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Was Budget 2017 really a taste of Spring?

Malachy McLernon
QUESTION: What were the main announcements in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget last week? ANSWER: The Chancellor delivered the first of two Budgets due in 2017.

Know when to hold ‘em, know when to run?

Peter McGahan
I CAN remember 20 years ago staring at a customer’s exposure to Europe within their pension fund and thinking: should I stay or should I go? The same decision would have to be made for their Japanese fund.

How will Brexit affect your money?

Peter McGahan
THE word Brexit is a bit like sucking a sweet with the wrapper still on it, and the news coverage seems only to add swathes of nonsensical arguments that don’t bite us to the heart of the ‘Refresher' chew’.

Don't leave your insurance to chance

Michael Kennedy
IF you've ever done a grocery shop for delivery online, you may know the hazards of giving your choices away to someone else.

Are you taking more risk than a ‘Dam Italian goat'?

Peter McGahan
ON a recent train journey I remember having a chuckle to myself whilst reading a story about goats addicted to licking the wall of a dam in Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Italy, apparently addicted to the salt and minerals which are present in the rocks.

Why we could be just 19 days from the breadline . . .

Michael Kennedy
HOW long could your family household survive if you were suddenly to be deprived of your income? Latest statistics from Legal & General give the answer, for in Northern Ireland, the typical family’s cash reserves would be exhausted in just 19 days.

Trump v everyone - and the war with China?

Peter McGahan
IN the third of our trilogy on how Donald Trump might affect your pensions and investments, we turn to the threat to smaller companies and that of war.

How will Trump impact our pensions and investments?

Darren McKeever
AFTER what we've seen and heard in the last week we might be asking ourselves: How did the US let this happen? How did their so-called developed society allow this situation to occur? Facebook memes and reality TV shows have perhaps not been as successful in raising IQs as perhaps they were intended.

Where's the best place now to put that lump sum?

Darren McKeever
IF you’ve got a lump sum of cash to invest or are concerned about your investments due to current global and UK events, how can you ensure you get the right return for your financial future? New US President Donald Trump has wasted no time in making an impact during his first few days in office.

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