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Do you want to get your pension car back on the road?

Michael Kennedy
HAVE you noticed that software companies are now taking it upon themselves to update your phone without even asking permission? We get a message saying that they have installed the latest fancy update, and it is now in place on our phone - not that it makes any noticeable difference – and we forget about it, and get on with our day.

How would negative interest rates impact me?

Peter McGahan
I WAS going to cover a cashless society this week in relation to the negative interest rate column last week (they sort of go hand in hand), but I’ll just cover what the impact of a negative interest rate policy might be, further to a few questions I was asked.

So how much should I save for retirement?

Peter McGahan
HOW much should I save for retirement? Well, the answer to that very much depends on your needs and lifestyle in retirement, and how that will differ from today.

Does investment fund size lose you money?

Peter McGahan
DOES the size of an investment fund impact its performance and are you losing out because of it? I've read countless studies on this and the two main studies conclude the reverse of each other.