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The £3,420 buy to let mortgage imprisonment

Peter McGahan
THE buy to let mortgage market boomed as many investors, unhappy with near zero returns on their cash, moved to buy a property to provide themselves with a sustainable income.

Was Budget 2017 really a taste of Spring?

Malachy McLernon
QUESTION: What were the main announcements in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget last week? ANSWER: The Chancellor delivered the first of two Budgets due in 2017.

Know when to hold ‘em, know when to run?

Peter McGahan
I CAN remember 20 years ago staring at a customer’s exposure to Europe within their pension fund and thinking: should I stay or should I go? The same decision would have to be made for their Japanese fund.

How will Brexit affect your money?

Peter McGahan
THE word Brexit is a bit like sucking a sweet with the wrapper still on it, and the news coverage seems only to add swathes of nonsensical arguments that don’t bite us to the heart of the ‘Refresher' chew’.

Don't leave your insurance to chance

Michael Kennedy
IF you've ever done a grocery shop for delivery online, you may know the hazards of giving your choices away to someone else.

Are you taking more risk than a ‘Dam Italian goat'?

Peter McGahan
ON a recent train journey I remember having a chuckle to myself whilst reading a story about goats addicted to licking the wall of a dam in Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Italy, apparently addicted to the salt and minerals which are present in the rocks.

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