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Investment bonds transferred to children

Feargal McCormack
QUESTION: My wife, a non-tax-paying pensioner, holds some investment bonds in her name which she wants to cash in and gift the proceeds to our children.

It pays to be a green investor

Michael Kennedy
BACK in 2008, the legendary US investor Warren Buffett bought a sizeable stake in an obscure Chinese carmaker called BYD.

Helicopter money on the way to solve liquidity trap?

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING last week’s column on quantitative uneasing (or ‘quantitative tightening’ as I might call it), I had a few further questions as to how deeply this might impact your pensions and investments.

Don't let illness affect your income

Gareth McKeown
Do you know anyone who works in the Civil Service? If so, make them a cup of tea when you see them next, because the last year has been a tough time for our intrepid civil servants.

Quantitative uneasing and your money

Peter McGahan
CENTRAL banks attempted to stimulate the economy with quantitative easing (QE), and are now looking to reverse this arrangement slowly.

The forgotten children in company pensions

Peter McGahan
IN June the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulatory body governing pension transfers, scrapped the starting position for transferring a company pension (defined benefit scheme).

Beware the dangers of financial scams

Michael Kennedy
AS a financially savvy person who obviously reads all the right newspaper columns, you do, quite rightly, devote your energies to securing and increasing your wealth – be it through pension saving, saving in an Isa, or investments.

Is my company pension guaranteed?

Peter McGahan
LAST week we began the journey of explaining the current potential scandal that is ‘transferring out a company pension scheme’.

Do I transfer from my company pension?

Peter McGahan
Do I transfer from my company pension? It’s a question we’ve been asked lots of late and we couldn’t be faced with a longer answer.

Your guide to the world of Isas

Michael Kennedy
Do you have an individual savings account, better known as an Isa? If so, you will be aware that there are two main types: the Cash Isa, and the Stocks and Shares Isa.

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