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The pensions gender gap

Gareth McKeown
AS you may remember, we recently looked at a report from the pensions company Aegon which highlighted the pensions saving gap between men and women.

House price imperfect storm?

Peter McGahan
NEWS that house prices dipped in January shouldn’t come as a surprise, with new buyer enquiries falling for the tenth consecutive month, sales dipping and valuations (for potential sales) showing no signs of optimism.

The cause of the mini crash

Peter McGahan
Mr Ferguson coined the phrase well with ‘noisy neighbours’ referring to Man City - a phrase his current successor has not bothered with articulating.

Thinking of a house move? Should I stay or should I go?

Peter McGahan
IF you're a home-owner thinking about moving/upsizing/downsizing, and given the current state of the market, should you stay or go? Well, the answer very much depends on where your loyalties/needs are with your property.

Is the writing on the wall for the state pension?

Michael Kennedy
HAS your toddler ever decided that the living room wall was a grand place for trying out their new set of coloured markers? And you came in, to hear them proudly exclaim, in perfect toddler-speak, ‘Wall!’? Well, the writing may be on the wall for the state pension too - at least for the state pension as we know it.

Bitcoin bubble burst? Read between the lines

Peter McGahan
IT was F Scott Fitzgerald who said: “The test of first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

The wasp and the Bee

Michael Kennedy
Did you know that only female wasps have a sting? Well the Government knows all about that right now, because a women’s pensions group - Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) – are stinging them over the ongoing rise in the state pension age for women.

When the taxman comes calling

Feargal McCormack
QUESTION: I was reading over Christmas that HMRC are embracing technology more and more to risk assess taxpayers and help identify those taxpayers who have undeclared their income.

Noisy trumpety Trump

Peter McGahan
I KIND of hoped January 1 would have a new morning with new leaders in charge of this financial world.

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