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Tax sting on PPI claims

Feargal McCormack
QUESTION: I have received a cheque from my bank for being mis-sold PPI on a number of loans over a long number of years.

Are stock markets ‘tulip heavy’?

Peter McGahan
IT'S a daily question when you are protecting your pensions and investments: ‘Do you think the stock market is overpriced?’ For sure it is, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become more overpriced, and it doesn’t mean it has to crash in price.

Should I invest in bitcoin?

Peter McGahan
THE first decision on investing into anything, such as bitcoins, is to ask if there is any value in it.

The perils of the pension pot draw down

Michael Kennedy
Do you have a sports car that’s worth more than your house? No? Then former Chancellor George Osborne, and his former Pensions Minister Steve Webb, will be disappointed.

Don’t get caught out by the new pension’s annual allowance taper charge

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: I am completing my annual tax return for 2016/17 and am surprised to find that I have a tax bill because of my pension contributions? ANSWER: Many unsuspecting higher earners have been caught by the new Pension’s Annual Allowance Taper Charge and could face substantial tax bills.

Chinese 'new dawn'

Peter McGahan
SOMEONE told me once to avoid politics when looking at investments.

Investment bonds transferred to children

Feargal McCormack
QUESTION: My wife, a non-tax-paying pensioner, holds some investment bonds in her name which she wants to cash in and gift the proceeds to our children.

It pays to be a green investor

Michael Kennedy
BACK in 2008, the legendary US investor Warren Buffett bought a sizeable stake in an obscure Chinese carmaker called BYD.

Helicopter money on the way to solve liquidity trap?

Peter McGahan
FOLLOWING last week’s column on quantitative uneasing (or ‘quantitative tightening’ as I might call it), I had a few further questions as to how deeply this might impact your pensions and investments.

Don't let illness affect your income

Gareth McKeown
Do you know anyone who works in the Civil Service? If so, make them a cup of tea when you see them next, because the last year has been a tough time for our intrepid civil servants.

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