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Why my children are part of the 'brain drain'

Roseann Kelly
IN recent years we've seen initiatives north and south of the border aimed at presenting the island of Ireland as a promised land for the vast Irish and Ulster diasporas to consider longingly as an investment destination as well as a place to return to permanently.

Three new smart trends you should be using

Carol Magill
CHRISTMAS saw many smart devices making their way down chimneys promising new ways to connect with customers, opening up interesting fresh lines of communication and engagement.

Infrastructure investment could have Ireland flying high

Ben Collins
AMIDST all the hand-wringing of late about the ending of the direct flight from Aldergrove to Newark, it’s worth reminding ourselves that there are dozens of weekly flights to the States departing from just down the road.

Is your business reaping the benefits of a modern phone system?

Eric Carson
AS we start a New Year, we're edging ever closer to the demise of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) networks which BT previously announced they intended to stop selling in 2020 and switching them off in 2025.

Are we approaching end of this extended bond bull market?

Jonathan Dobbin
THE dramatic rise in bond yields in the second half of 2016 has once again roused those wondering whether the end of one of the longest and strongest bond ‘bull markets’ seen since the late 13th century is upon us.

Big ticket issues can be reasons to be cheerful

Glyn Roberts
WHERE do you even start with the big ticket issues that face the Northern Ireland economy in 2017? Business rates reform, Brexit, corporation tax, skills investment and a new Programme for Government are all huge challenges - but also opportunities.

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