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Cyber security – why you need to be one step ahead

Professor Ben Azvine
THE well-publicised cyber breaches of 2017 prompted forward-thinking chief executives to build cyber security into their board level conversations and make it a key pillar of their future decision making.

The challenge for big tech

Patrick McAliskey
IT has become abundantly clear that one of the more interesting stories of 2018 is going to be how ‘big tech’ responds to the crisis it is facing.

Davos showed it’s time to put women first

Roseann Kelly
AS I read the reports on Davos, I was delighted to see that women's role in both society and the workplace was again one of the key themes, while for the first time in the 48 years of the World Economic Forum, the seven co-chairs from a cross-section of businesses, politics, academia and civil society, were women.

The monkey and the typewriter

Eric Carson
MARKING a fundamental shift in the universe, after 50 iconic years the Yellow Pages will no longer have pride of place in desk drawers nationwide as it goes digital, ceasing print runs across the UK as of this year.

What are the challenges ahead for marketers?

Carol Magill
AS 2018 settles in, here I assess the key challenges marketers in Northern Ireland are likely to face in the next 12 months: :: Disruption the new norm? - A key theme for marketers in 2018 will be the disrupted nature of politics, business and culture.

Entering 2018 in rude health

Jonathan Sloan
EVIDENCE that we are entering what tends to be known as the ‘high conviction’ phase of the economic recovery is building.

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