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'Inconceivable and unforgiveable' to repeat our mistakes of the past

Claire Aiken
Next Monday marks the 10th anniversary of the restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly, memorable in many people’s minds for being a beacon of what could be, as we reflect on an incredulous journey of two of the most politically, religiously, socially and culturally opposed leaders the north has ever seen.

Get ready for a step change

Declan Flynn
THIS month saw the announcement that London’s Square Mile is preparing to upgrade its public wifi after awarding a multimillion-pound contract to Cornerstone, a company jointly owned by Vodafone and O2.

Insurers’ shopping list for the next Chancellor

Michael Blaney
IT’S not often you’ll hear business welcome the prospect of tax rises, but the Chancellor’s comments in Washington last week that his current commitment to not raising VAT, national insurance or income tax was hampering the Government’s ability to reduce the deficit was surely a statement of the obvious.

Ring fence our future

Roseann Kelly
LAST year at the Northern Ireland Assembly Business Trust President’s dinner in Belfast, guest speaker Madam Shuying, Consul General for the People's Republic of China, talked about China’s 35-year economic plan.

Fake review - what do we do?

Michael King
WE now live in a ‘post-fact’ world where ‘fake news’ is widespread, brought into the spot light during the US presidential election and the part that fake news combined with social media may have played in influencing voters.

CIM boss unveils new marketing research in Belfast

Carol Magill
CHARTERED Institute of Marketing (CIM) chief executive Chris Daly presented new research into the challenges and opportunities facing marketers at a seminar in Belfast - and the report highlighted a worrying lack of strategic direction for marketers, and reveals senior management potential for marketers if they have the right skills.

The end of the beginning?

Jonathan Dobbin
BLUNDERING around in the dark of that ever unknowable future, feeling around for any clues of what is to come, we routinely exaggerate the importance of the lumps and bumps that our fumbling hands come across.

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