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Revenue streams from an e-commerce perspective

Trevor Bingham
I WILL always remember being in a well known nationwide sports retailer store off Belfast's Boucher Road and asking a member of the sales team for some advice on stock availability.

More of the same for the global economy

Jonathan Sloan
The last time the Bank of England raised interest rates, Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy were freshly installed leaders, tech evangelist Chris Messina had just birthed the Twitter hash-tag, and the first iPhone had just been released (and we were months away from the worst global recession in living memory).

Don’t let Black Friday turn bleak

Diane Johnston
YOU may still only be recovering from the marketing extravaganza that is Halloween, but the latest American commercial import, Black Friday, will be upon us on November 24.

How to deal better with a job interview

Barry Shannon
IT was children's book author Lemony Snicket who said: “Besides getting several paper cuts in the same day or receiving the news that someone in your family has betrayed you to your enemies, one of the most unpleasant experiences in life is a job interview”.

The end is nigh?

Jonathan Sloan
In spite of the trauma of 2007 to 2009, the reality is that US recessions have been tending to become less frequent and milder over the last few decades.

Thirty years on from 'Black Monday'

Cathy Dixon
ON October 19, 1987 the stock market plummeted, following the sharp falls in the US market which became known as 'Black Monday' – a date forever in the memories of those of us who lived through it.

Clamp down on the speed demons

Eric Carson
BROADBAND internet access and its benefits to members of the public and professionals alike is a technological marvel which we would suffer without.

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