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Investing for your child’s education

Jonathan Sloan
EDUCATION fees in the UK can be daunting, but with the right approach to longer term and diversified investment and by using some or all of the available tax wrappers, planning for education needs is a manageable process.

It's no use wishing away a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Kirsty McManus
IT'S said a week is a long time in politics – but judging by the relentless daily developments in Brexit, it seems that each day has enough activity to fill even the longest week.

NDAs: ending the abuse

Hannah McGrath
BUSINESSES and organisations regularly use confidentiality clauses or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in legal contracts with employees to protect commercially sensitive information.

Flexible working evolves to agile

Patrick Gallen
FLEXIBLE working as a concept has developed in recent years through both its implementation, development and acceptance within organisations.

Investing in technology – 50 years on

Claire McCombe
It’s amazing to think that 50 years ago, the Morris Minor car was still rolling off the production line, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the surface of the moon.

Why queuing for your coffee is good

Catherine Toolan
LIFE is busy. Sometimes I need my caffeine fix, and often I find myself in a long queue, waiting patiently for the barista to take my order.