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The growth of India's economy

Jonathan Sloan
Changes are afoot in India, changes that will likely raise the sustainable growth rate for the Indian economy.

The robots are coming - but humans still have upper hand

Trevor Bingham
AS artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated and its ability to perform human tasks accelerates with the advances in machine learning, we’re just beginning to realise what part we as humans will still have to play, in the future.

Beware the Underinsurance Grinch

Diane Johnston
IF you’re celebrating Christmas this year with your children or grandchildren there’s a fair chance that you’ll either stand on a wayward piece of Lego or that you’ll spend part of the holiday on your knees looking for that small yet vital piece which has disappeared behind the sofa.

There are still blind spots when it comes to diversity

Roseann Kelly
“Getting to gender equality starts with realising how far we have to go” is the title of the 2017 McKinsey Women in the Workplace report, a comprehensive study of the state of women in the corporate world.

Cash is king…or is it?

Eric Carson
A RECENT BBC documentary brought to light the decline in influence of cold, hard cash and the rise in popularity of card payments, particularly contactless.

Being Pitch perfect could be a close shave

Carol Magill
THE Chartered Institute of Marketing’s 'The Pitch' competition, sponsored by Edgewell Personal Care, owners of the global brand Wilkinson Sword, and Mintel, is now open for entries.

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