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It's bye-bye to the Fed model

Jonathan Sloan
IN the past, a positive relationship could be observed in the US between the average earnings yield (earnings/price) of the S&P 500 index and government bond yields.

Car or integrated solution for your mobility?

Trevor Bingham
EVEN 30 years ago, long after the first mass produced car and in the days of the likes of the box Vauxhall Viva or the Mark 1 Ford Escort Mexico, it was seats, the steering wheel and if you were lucky, a stereo.

High yield – high performance?

Jonathan Sloan
HIGH yield bonds are fixed income securities with a lower credit rating than investment grade corporate bonds or Treasuries.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay

Claire Aiken
IT’S funny how people can get something into their head that is incorrect, and no matter what conventional wisdom says or common-sense dictates, they simply cannot shift from it.

Insuring against nature unleashed

Richard Henderson
LAST month the innocently named Hurricane Harvey deposited a jaw-dropping 50 inches of rain over Texas and buffeted the Lone Star State with 130mph winds.

Don’t be fooled by the cranes

Declan Flynn
IT’S taken nearly a decade, but cranes have now returned to the Belfast skyline, signalling the continuance of an upward economic trajectory that is long overdue.

Are crypto-currencies finally coming into the mainstream?

Patrick McAliskey
ONE of big stories in technology of late has been crypto-currency – that is, digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds.

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