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What exactly is Grade A office space?

Declan Flynn
FOR those in the world of commercial property, Grade A is a term that you’ll hear most days and, if the office or investment sector is of interest to you, it’ll be the benchmark against which you compare the majority of assets.

Dollar gains are gradually being unwound . . . .

James Beattie
DONALD Trump propelled the US dollar higher with his surprise Presidential election win in November on expectations that his policy platform would deliver stronger US economic growth and thus, higher US interest rates.

So what happens next?

Jonathan Dobbin
AS we face Brexit uncertainty, the impending UK election, and a lack of an Assembly in Northern Ireland, many continue to wonder about the health of the world’s economy - the bigger picture.

Let's set about reversing this 'brain drain'

Roseann Kelly
I WAS delighted last week to learn that Invest NI is supporting the creation of 300 new jobs through the expansion of Pearson Plc, and I'll be happy to walk the few stairs to the floor below my office at Millennium House to personally give a very warm Northern Ireland welcome.

Making the sum greater than its parts

Carol Magill
TAKE an average complex marketing and sales function with a team of roughly five people, where the average years of experience is nine – that gives almost 500 years’ collective experience in one team.

Is your office ready for Generation Z?

Paul Black
WHILE you might be reading this piece at your desk in front of your desktop computer, the next generation entering the workforce—Generation Z – is most likely reading it on a tablet or phone, laying back on a sofa.

Keeping one step ahead of the cyber attackers

Richard Willis
THE modern workplace is unrecognisable when compared to those 20 or even 10 years ago, such is the increased reliance on technology to carry out every day business.

Keep it easy like Sunday morning

Owen Reidy
ON Friday the consultation closed for Belfast City Council’s proposal to re-designate as a ‘holiday resort’, as a wheeze to skirt around a popular prohibition on large shops opening for trading all day for 18 Sundays a year.

Keys, wallet . . . phone

Eric Carson
OUR lives depend more on mobile phones and hand held devices now more than ever before.

Joie de vivre……

James Beattie
INVESTOR sentiment was in a broadly upbeat mood at the beginning of May.

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