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Derry occupied by technology

Declan Flynn
THROUGHOUT the past few years, Northern Ireland has firmly established itself as a hotspot for technological talent and digital flair.

Autumn blues?

Cathy Dixon
SINCE the beginning of September the market has turned downwards again and it is now almost at the same level it was in September 2017.

It's a long way to Christmas

Jonathan Sloan
WHETHER you're a politician, pupil or programmer, the summer holidays are over, and for investors these past few months can hardly be described as quiet.

A brexit deal for services

Angela McGowan
IN last month’s column I examined the need for a Brexit trade deal which would allow Northern Ireland’s manufacturing companies to have a close and frictionless trading relationship with the European Union.

Don’t let product recall bring down your business

Richard Willis
IN July, supermarket shelves across the UK were cleared of frozen vegetables after Greenyard Frozen UK, a major fruit and vegetable supplier, withdrew 43 of its sweet corn-based products.

Investment lessons from the last 1000 years

Claire McCombe
NEW studies of the performance of the world economy over the last millennium further burnish the role of institutions, both formal (parliaments, judiciaries, central banks, social safety nets and schools) and less formal (guilds, trade unions and charities), in its success.

Time to face the fax

Eric Carson
RESEARCH presented at the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas recently revealed that image data being sent by fax can provide an easy way for hackers to gain entry to internal corporate networks.

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