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Making a (new) career of it . . .

Lynne Rainey
OVER half of Northern Ireland workers in would completely retrain if it meant having a future job and a new career, according to a new survey from PwC.

Adopting an effective leadership stance

Patrick Gallen
I'M a great fan of the work of June Burgess at Ballygraffan in Comber, and how she uses 'Horses for People Leadership Training' to help leaders in developing their ‘inner stance’.

New rates review - at least it's progress

Glyn Roberts
THE announcement made by the Department of Finance permanent secretary Sue Gray a few weeks ago on the review of business rates was highly significant.

Crisis? What crisis?

Cathy Dixon
THERE was a time when just one of the recent news stories would have had a significant impact on investor sentiment, but we are fast becoming inured to such events.

It’s time to switch off - permanently

Eric Carson
THE big switch-off is almost here – and no, it’s got nothing to do with Brexit but everything to do with how you communicate every day without the need for a border or any hefty tariffs while enjoying an easy transition.

An alternative future for commercial property

Declan Flynn
DIVERSIFICATION throughout commercial property portfolios, by private and institutional investors, is a long-standing tactic but has tended to centre around a select number of core commercial real estate classes.