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Is the tech surge over?

Jonathan Sloan
FEW things are more indelibly associated with modern capitalism than the global technology titan – the Facebooks, Ubers and Googles of this world.

It’s snow contest for marketers at the Winter Olympics

Carol Magill
ALTHOUGH the Winter Olympics have reached their conclusion, the continuing threat of snow this spring keeps this event in the minds of many, so this month I'm reflecting upon how brands made the most of this competition.

Unions keeping the spirit of the Agreement

Owen Reidy
LATER this morning, the trade union movement will be standing outside Parliament Buildings in Belfast with placards and banners - not as a picket, but calling for the very opposite of a strike.

A decade lost and found…

Richard Ramsey
THE past 10 years has perhaps been one of the most astonishing decades in history (from an economist’s perspective anyway).

Are you a ‘TIMID’ Driver?

Richard Henderson
ALTHOUGH Easter may almost be upon us I still hesitate to believe that this never-ending winter has finally had its last gasp.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all

Barry Shannon
I WATCHED a documentary recently on Jimmy Johnson, the former NFL coach, and a section where he was addressing his players stood out.

GDPR: It’s not all about the risk

Jonny Skidmore
MOST of the talk around the impending introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has focused on the penalties.

Rising trade frictions

Claire McCombe
“Trade wars are good, and easy to win!” (President Donald Trump) THE recent trade actions from the US worry us for two reasons: there are weaker safeguards in the realm of trade than there are for domestic policy – Congressional permission is not required for the President to set about restricting imports.

Women in Charge

Roseann Kelly
THIS week I attended a presentation on bold leadership and couldn’t help but be inspired by the confidence displayed by the keynote speaker and those attending.

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