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Infrastructure needs greater priority in 2020

Sue Mason
IN any economy, it’s extremely difficult to determine where to prioritise government spending when there are so many pressing demands from areas such as health, education and capital investment.

More uncertainty to come in 2020…

Richard Ramsey
ONE of the more memorable quotes I heard this year is that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is like an onion - the more layers you pull off, the more it makes your eyes water.

PAYE pain for 2020?

James Morrison
IN midst of the Christmas rush I'm sure many of us have turned our minds to the details on our wage slips.

Bringing Christmas cheer to leadership

Patrick Gallen
AT this time of the year, we should be celebrating the joy of Christmas and bringing cheer and positivity to our teams and organisations.

Latest discrimination case a cautionary tale for employers

Seamus McGranaghan
The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland recently secured another successful discrimination claim after Damian Anysz, a chef from Poland, brought a claim against Sizzlers NI Ltd on the basis of race discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Firms set to ramp up digitalisation in 2020

Eric Carson
AS 2019 draws to a close, most companies across Northern Ireland will already be setting in stone their objectives, goals and ambitions for the new year ahead.

Investors – do you believe in the Santa rally?

Jonathan Sloan
HERE’S a festive question for investors: do you believe in Santa, or more specifically, the Santa rally? There are many adages in investment related to so-called calendar effects – the idea that patterns in the stock market occur during certain times of the year.