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It’s the economy stupid!

Angela McGowan
JAMES Carville, the lead strategist in Bill Clinton’s election campaign in the early 1990s, is reported to have hung a message on the wall of the campaign headquarters that read “it’s the economy stupid” to keep Clinton’s team on message.

The neverending story

Claire McCombe
AS some major milestones are passed in the Brexit process, there is still plenty of uncertainty about the future, and therefore much for investors to consider.

Peering into 2019

Jonathan Sloan
THE future is of course profoundly unknowable from our current vantage point.

The fog of war

Claire McCombe
IT seems to be economic rather than geographical territory that is vexing the relationship between China and the US.

Putting the right support structures in place at work

Barry Shannon
IF, like myself, you entered the world of dating long before Tinder, Twitter and social media, you might have used a little poetry when pursuing your significant other (it worked for me – I ended up with a gem).

Marketing campaigns of the future

Chris Daly
WITH major changes to customer needs and technology, organisations of all kinds are using marketing to leverage change.

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