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The race is on for super-fast status

Eric Carson
AS recently reported, the potential growth and development of Northern Ireland’s super-fast broadband network could bolster the local economy, to a global scale, by up to £1.

Are finance solutions becoming smarter?

Trevor Bingham
MORE than any other profession, the role of those in finance, has been defined by what technology will allow them to determine how they can add value and influence across an organisation or company.

Can you really afford that car?

Naomi Gaston
IT can be a tempting prospect to sign up for a new car when you see adverts which promise expensive brands for a manageable and low monthly payment.

Decisive action needed to end this directionless drift

Susan Mason
MONTHS of political uncertainty in Italy came to a conclusion at the end of last week when a coalition government was agreed, breaking an impasse that had endured since the inconclusive election in March, when no party or bloc won a majority.

Why a Brexit ‘no deal’ may contain as many opportunities as risks

Peter Legge
FORECASTS on how the Northern Ireland economy will fare following Brexit, particularly in a ‘no deal’ scenario, make for grim reading, with one leaked government report suggesting the region could suffer as much as a 12 per cent decline in GDP in such a context.