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Keeping our heads in the cloud

Eric Carson
DOING what we do, namely installing and servicing telecommunication facilities for our clients, our sights are set on that which cannot be seen.

Iran, trade wars and bond bears

Jonathan Sloan
EMERGING market assets seem to have been suffering from a little indigestion so far this year after the stellar returns of the last two years.

Regulatory alignment in a post-Brexit world

Angela McGowan
AS the UK and EU negotiate a new relationship, perhaps the most complicated and economically crucial task is agreeing the future of the rules that govern the UK economy.

Who protects the farmer?

Gareth McKeown
IT’S May; it’s Northern Ireland; so that means just one thing, the Balmoral Show.

Winners and losers in long awaited rates revaluation

Declan Flynn
MANY business owners will have recently opened ‘Rent and Leasing Questionnaires’ received from Land & Property Services (LPS) regarding the 2020 Non-Domestic General Rating Revaluation.

Clock ticking and penalties mounting for data breaches

Seamus McGranaghan
WITH reports of personal data breaches hitting the headlines with alarming regularity, and the fast-approaching enforcement date for GDPR, businesses and individuals alike should by this stage be very mindful of their rights and obligations under the new legislation.

Radical change needed to address underlying issues on housing supply shortage

Mark Graham
IN my discussions with those that build private housing and the housing associations that build social housing, it's clear that whilst in some ways they think differently about building new homes, they have a lot in common when they talk about the challenges they face in building the housing that we need.