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The simple things in life are often the best

Barry Shannon
“I just find myself happy with the simple things” - DMX I’m sitting in Donegal, looking out over the beach at Downings, enjoying the last full day of a little mid-year break and reflecting on the week gone by.

Data breaches are here to stay

Michael Blaney
I DON’T want to spoil your holiday travel plans, but a recent interview with the UK’s Joint Forces Command highlighted that critical transport infrastructure is open to cyber attack, including air and road traffic control, plus rail and other transport systems.

Consumer credit helps drive growth, but cards now marked

Richard Ramsey
THE public finances, ‘the deficit’, and the extent to which Northern Ireland is dependent on public spending have been much explored and discussed topics over the past 11 years since the credit crunch.

A time to be tech-less

Gareth McKeown
I FULLY appreciate the importance of technology to the modern professional and workplace, which you will know from reading this column.

An air of change

Cathy Dixon
AS we move into the summer holiday period there is a definite feeling that change is just around the corner.

The only way is ethics

Carol Magill
MARKETERS are under increasing pressure to understand the brave new world of CSV (creating shared value) and brand citizenship, if they are to embed social value within their businesses and meet the needs of a more socially-aware public.