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The darker side of leadership

Patrick Gallen
I'M a great fan of the work of Rasmus Hougard and Jacqueline Carter on ‘The Mind of a Leader,’ published by Harvard Business Review Press.

Licensing law reform on the horizon after cross party commitment

Colin Neill
SEVERAL weeks ago our outdated liquor licensing regime came into sharp focus as we raised the issue that a limited consultation from the Department for Communities on special events meant that only a small number of amendments would be made that would really only benefit the management of The Open due to take place next month in Portrush.

Profiting from uncertainty

Claire McCombe
THE current level of Brexit related and general political uncertainty in the UK shows no signs of abating in the near future.

The £9 pint and the two-speed consumer…

Richard Ramsey
ABOUT this time last year, the price of beer in Belfast’s now iconic Grand Central Hotel caused much reaction, with its Observatory Bar selling a pint for £8.

Retail investment - beyond the headlines

Stephen Chambers
LISNEY’S recently launched Q1 2019 investment research noted £41 million worth of deals across a variety of sectors - a relatively modest start to the year, but up significantly on the same quarter last year, which in the context of the political climate is better than we might have expected.