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There’s plenty of potential in China

Jonathan Sloan
CHINESE New Year is fast approaching on February 5, when the Chinese community all over the world will celebrate by lighting fireworks, giving red envelopes of money to children and enjoying celebratory meals to usher in the Year of the Pig.

Global consumer trends that will define 2019

Julie Galbraith
THE last year proved challenging after a surge in the number of retailers collapsing into administration, closing stores or cutting rents using the CVA (company voluntary arrangement) insolvency procedure.

Media priorities versus investor priorities

Claire McCombe
THE temptation to exaggerate the role of a box office trade skirmish between two global economic superpowers in the performance of capital markets has been undeniably strong.

The business of love

Roseann Kelly
I KNOW there is some time before Valentine’s Day, but this year it is important that in business we focus a lot more on love.

Why 2019 must be a year of change for the high street

Claire Aiken
WHAT is it about football and the Premier League that attracts so many colourful and influential characters? The civic passion it evokes across the UK, Ireland and internationally as well as the financial clout required to influence it, are two undoubted factors.

Breaking the mould to attract diverse workforce

Kirsty McManus
ONGOING skills shortages, not just in Northern Ireland, but across the United Kingdom, are consistently among the main issues cited to us by members as their most pressing business challenges.

Long live vinyl and the CD - and may HMV survive

Brendan Mulgrew
SO it's goodbye to that strange period between Christmas and New Year, when it appears everyone becomes a little larger around the waist and slightly disoriented about exactly what day of the week it is.

Why sustainability is a win-win

Stephen Wheeler
IT'S the time of year, when stories of generosity and charity remind us all of the importance of giving back.

‘Tis the season to be jolly - and careful - at the work party

Seamus McGranaghan
THE Christmas season is upon us, workplace parties are in full swing, and while the emphasis should be on having fun, employers are wise to be alert to the possible vicarious liability risks associated with their employees’ actions.