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The need for speed

Patrick McAliskey
I NOTED with interest a recent report which said small businesses in Northern Ireland saw faster broadband as one of the biggest potential boosts to their growth prospects.

Summer pep in the Euro’s step

Aaron Hall
The action on currency markets in the past week has seen the Euro’s recent ascent gather further momentum.

Counting the cost of Ogden

Michael Blaney
RECENT machinations at Westminster and the promise of an additional £1 billion for Northern Ireland have left other UK devolved regions feeling understandably disgruntled.

Every which way but loose?

Aaron Hall
FINANCIAL markets have been paying very close attention to, and displaying sensitivity over recent weeks towards news flow regarding the direction of global monetary policy.

Why we are 'just getting on with it'

Roseann Kelly
AT a meeting last week with my gender diversity charter mark working group (which includes one of the Women in Business gender diversity champions John Healy of Allstate), the conversation turned to the current political situation.

Redressing the balance between virtual and real engagement

Claire Aiken
IN May last year, when the EU referendum campaign was in full throttle, I was listening to a phone in radio debate with a pro leave MP who was fielding questions from the public on how Brexit would help build better and more cohesive communities and, in his eyes, stem the overflowing tide of immigration.

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