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A month to forget?

Cathy Dixon
IN 2016 we witnessed a terrible start to the year; the worst ever.

Let’s drone on!

Imelda McMillan
ONCE the preserve of the military, drones are now used in a wide range of industries, from aerial surveillance of crops, to search and rescue operations.

Brexit 'no deal' scenario could hit harder than we thought

Susan Mason
THERE was understandable alarm in the business community at the latest analysis on Brexit reported last week which indicated that Northern Ireland’s economy would be severely impacted by a ‘no deal’ scenario.

Anatomy of a pull-back

Jonathan Sloan
“Anatomy is destiny” (Sigmund Freud) :: Short and sharp (so far) NO matter how much we talk about expecting more volatility, the experience of it is always jarring.

Is Belfast ready for the co-working boom?

Declan Flynn
A NEW breed of serviced offices has revolutionised the US office market and is set to revolutionise the sector here, if the recent trends in regional UK cities follow London, a city that has become a global leader for flexible workplaces.

Tech firms need professional indemnity

Diane Johnston
NORTHERN Ireland’s economy has changed dramatically in recent decades, with the tech and new media sectors increasingly responsible for many of our economic success stories.

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