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How much are you revealing?

Jill Annett
ARE you someone who posts on social media or provides their details to a website without a second thought? Do you take the right to privacy for granted? Most people believe their information will be kept private and only used for certain intended purposes.

What’s in a word?

Barry Shannon
I WAS reading an article recently about the evolution of language and how so many new words are introduced each year, either formally via the English Oxford Dictionary or informally, simply through everyday usage.

New Executive won't deliver if left to be an ivory tower

Brendan Mulgrew
LAST Friday our firm, in partnership with the NI Chamber of Commerce, organised an event which looked at our new Executive and Assembly and examined how the business community can best engage with the new political set up at Stormont.

Women in power –a time to trust and lead

Roseann Kelly
DEAR Female Ministers, I can say without doubt that Women in Business and the Northern Ireland business community are relieved that we now have a long-awaited Assembly up and running again.

Improving infrastructure will be crucial for new Stormont regime

Susan Mason
MUCH work clearly went into the negotiation, creation and agreement of the deal that Northern Ireland’s political parties signed up to last week, and now there is a new Executive with the opportunity to take actions to support the economy and improve society.

Stormont returns – reform on the cards?

Christopher Bullock
OUR local news has been dominated in recent days with the return of Stormont and business groups have been quick to outline their requirements from the new Executive and appointed ministers.