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Are we witnessing the UK’s greatest-ever own goal?

Claire Aiken
IT was early September 2018, the prolific Dubs had just raised the Sam Maguire for a fourth time in four years and the stands of Croke Park were awash with jubilant scenes of sky blue and navy.

The future of work - how will it look?

Donal Laverty
RECENTLY I had the pleasure of speaking to delegates at CO3’s Leadership Conference about ‘The future of work’ - one of continuous disruption; of shifting demographics; innovation and technological enablement.

We deserve better!

Glyn Roberts
TO say the recent Northern Ireland emergency budget, drawn up by the Secretary of State was disappointing, was the understatement of the year.

How the absence of political machinery will set working women back years

Joris Minne
A DELEGATION of business federations and associations has shown remarkable unity of spirit and cause in a Northern Ireland-wide bid to secure some kind of concession from Westminster in its proposed EU withdrawal agreement which would protect our economy from the expected ravages of an otherwise chaotic departure from the European single market and customs union.

Big tech companies are interested in space - and here’s why

Patrick McAliskey
PART of the reason Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google are sometimes collectively referred to as the FANGS is perhaps because they get their teeth into almost everything, from movies and groceries to family photos - and now the expanse that exists beyond the earth.