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Thirty years on from 'Black Monday'

Cathy Dixon
ON October 19, 1987 the stock market plummeted, following the sharp falls in the US market which became known as 'Black Monday' – a date forever in the memories of those of us who lived through it.

Clamp down on the speed demons

Eric Carson
BROADBAND internet access and its benefits to members of the public and professionals alike is a technological marvel which we would suffer without.

Roadkill or charging head?

Richard Ramsey
THERE is a famous video about the reintroduction of a small number of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.

Brexit uncertainty continues for businesses

Angela McGowan
FOR the business community Brexit uncertainty continues as firms struggle to figure out how the UK government will try to reconcile conflicting priorities in the months ahead.

The dilemma of securing commitment from employees

Barry Shannon
A CHICKEN and a pig are walking down the road together, when the chicken says: ‘Hey, I’ve got a great idea; why don’t we open a restaurant together?’ The pig replies ‘that’s interesting, but what would we call it?’.

Only uncertainty is certain

Diane Johnston
In the era of 24-hour news it’s never been easier to keep informed of our world’s splendours and tragedies.

European Capital of Culture bid is money well spent

Paul McErlean
JUST over ten years ago, a group of us working to ensure the development of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast was moving in the right direction got together at the Belfast Circus School to talk about a new cultural event for the city.

The times they are a-changin'

Cathy Dixon
THERE was a time when ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) was regarded as the bellweather of the UK stock market.

Be on your best behaviour, we have visitors…

Roseann Kelly
DO you remember the fussing that preceded the imminent arrival of ‘visitors’? It was all hands-on deck as the house was re- cleaned; children’s hands and knees were checked and, of course, everyone was warned to be on their best behaviour.

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