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Construction is very much for the girls

Patrice Cairns
It is the season to be thinking about careers, and many A-Level students are giving careful consideration to what they will do in relation to study and employment in the years ahead.

Smart Factories – Is this the next step for our local manufacturers?

Trevor Bingham
Whether it’s in one of our larger global backed manufacturing plants or a smaller specialised batch processing facility hidden away in the rural countryside of County Armagh, Down or Antrim, it’s very easy to see, that technology is having a profound impact on how factories operate today.

Don't fear the recession reaper

Claire McCombe
Ten years ago, the French bank BNP Paribas froze three of their funds, thus marking the beginnings of a credit crunch that ultimately led to the 'Great Recession'.

Sterling still a bit shook up

James Beattie
Sterling remained on the defensive in recent days, continuing a trend that set in around the beginning of the summer.

Digital world ruled by analogue laws

Gareth McKeown
It may be 2017 and we may still be hurtling through the knowledge revolution, but when it comes to data, our digital lives are governed by analogue laws.

Storm clouds gathering as we leave the summer doldrums

Gareth McKeown
As we approach the end of the summer, global news appears to be getting worse: the threat of some kind of military action between the US and North Korea and closer to home the mixed messages and tales of division within the government regarding Brexit.

Why we must respect and value all roles

Roseann Kelly
I DO try within this column to stick to business and not always focus on women, but I really can’t in all consciousness let the recent discussions on the gender pay gap go past without comment.

Bank of England holds fire...for now

James Beattie
As expected, the August meeting of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) concluded last week with no changes to UK interest rate policy.

What’s your digital strategy?

Carol Magill
OVER the last 15 years, marketing has become heavily weighted towards digital, thanks to the prevalence of fast wireless connections, smartphones, social media and data analysis.

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