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The fog of war

Claire McCombe
IT seems to be economic rather than geographical territory that is vexing the relationship between China and the US.

Putting the right support structures in place at work

Barry Shannon
IF, like myself, you entered the world of dating long before Tinder, Twitter and social media, you might have used a little poetry when pursuing your significant other (it worked for me – I ended up with a gem).

Marketing campaigns of the future

Chris Daly
WITH major changes to customer needs and technology, organisations of all kinds are using marketing to leverage change.

Withdrawal agreement vital to allow real Brexit discussions to begin

Kirsty McManus
LAST week, the latest tranche of government advisory notes on the implications of a ‘no deal’ Brexit were released by HMRC covering a broad range of considerations from the trading of goods to and from the EU to the effects on tour operators and haulage companies.

Mis-sold tax avoidance schemes - what you can do

Andrew Morrow
THE mis-selling of financial products is a hot topic causing concern on many fronts, from personal pension plans, home income plans, equity release mortgages, endowment policies or the dreaded payment protection insurance (PPI).

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