Lidl to increase hourly rate for 300 workers in the north

Staff at Lidl celebrate news that 300 workers in the north will have their hourly rate increased to £9.30
Ryan McAleer

SUPERMARKET chain Lidl has announced it will increase the hourly wage for 300 staff in the north.

The German retailer, which became the first major employer to commit to the real living wage in 2015, already pays staff £9 per hour.

Today it has announced that rate will rise to £9.30 for 300 employees in the north to reflect ‘the real cost of living in the UK'. It follows the latest recommendation by the Living Wage Foundation issued on November 11.

Lidl said all its other employees already earn in excess of the £9.30 hourly rate.

Some 800 Lidl workers in the south will see their hourly rate rise to €12.30 per hour.

Minimum wage in the UK is currently £8.21 per hour from the age of 25; £7.70 for the age of 21-24; £6.15 for 18 to 20 year-olds and £4.35 for under 18s.

Lidl said the increased rate is among a series of employee benefits it has already introduced, including paid maternity and paternity leave for all employees in the north.

Maeve Mc Cleane, Lidl Northern Ireland's HR director, said: “Our people are central to our success. They look after our customers, drive our operations and support our communities.

“It is important for us to reward them, not just with market-leading rates but also by creating an environment where their holistic needs and well-being are prioritised.

“We are the first supermarket in Northern Ireland to commit to this increase and are delighted to complement and boost the already powerful and wide-ranging benefits package we have put in place for our outstanding local team.”

She said: “By continually investing in our team, we continue to retain and attract the best employees and, in turn, continue to serve our customers in the best way possible.

“This approach is pivotal to our success and our position as Northern Ireland's fastest-growing supermarket.”

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