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The Bluffer goes to the movies to see the Oscar winners and losers

SOMETHING FISHY: The Bluffer really enjoyed the madness of The Shape of Water as well as the other Oscar contenders he managed to cram into a weekend of wall-to-wall popcorn 
Robert McMillen

Go mbeannaí Dia daoibh agus bhur gcéad fáilte isteach chuig The Bluffer’s Guide to Irish - the movie.

Well, it’s not exactly the film version of the Bluffer but with the Oscar winners announced in the early hours of this morning, let’s have a look at the Gaeilgeoir’s guide to the Movies.

(Foláireamh - a warning. The Bluffer is writing this on Sunday afternoon and he has no idea who the Oscar winners are.)

Anyway, scannán is a film, a fillum or a movie and there are all kinds of them as seen in the Oscar nominations.  

The Bluffer got to see quite a few of them, but had to cram as many as he could into a few days in various pictiúrlanna - cinemas so now that he has emerged from the dark, eyes blinking, to share his insights with you, loyal readers.

What kinds of films are there? 

Well, there is the scéinséir - thriller, the coiméide rómansúil - rom-com, scannán grinn - a comedy, dráma - a drama, scannán ficsean eolaíochta - a sci-fi movie

scannán uafáis - a horror movie and a scannán faisnéise - a documentary.

There are others of course, some of the above genres get mixed up in each other - a rom-com set on a distant planet or a thriller with lotss of laughs.

Some of the leading Oscar contenders - the ones he was able to see - were easy to define while others were just off the wall.

The Bluffer heard one criticeoir - critic call The Shape of Water “codswallop” or seafóid if you will because it involves a woman falling in love with a bizarre aquatic creature who sings and dances and eats people’s fingers off, something we’ve all done at some stage, I’m sure dear readers. Others will be saying “chuir se mearbhall orm” - it confused me.

If The Shape of Water is “codswallop”, then so too is ET and what was Lois Lane doing with that alien from Krypton?

As for Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri, thaitin sé go mór liom - I really enjoyed it, with stirring performances from all of its foireann - cast and we all love to see the  Irish do well with Martin Johnny Mhichael Choilm the patronymic by which Martin McDonagh is sometimes called in Conamara, the writer/director.

Hopefully, Margot Robbie was up there amongst the buaiteoirí - winners last night for her performance in I Tonya as an scátálaí oighir - ice skater Tonya Harding but I have to say there were a lot of great performances by women in the nominated films.

Allison Janney was scary as Tonya Harding’s mother, LaVona

Saoirse Ronan was brilliant in Lady Bird but so too was Laurie Metcalf  playing her mother Marion and caidrimh idir maithreacha agus iníonacha - the relationships between mothers and daughters were to fore in both films.  

The other Irish interest lies in Daniel Day Lewis in Phanton Thread but the Bluffer was disappointed that some great Irish documentaries didn’t make it to the Dolby Theatre on the big night.

These include Song of Granite, Rocky Ros Muc, No Stone Unturned and  The Farthest.

Still, for those of you who stayed up late last night to watch the fashion and the razzamatazz, get some sleep - the next big night is only 364 days away.


foláireamh (foliyroo) - a warning

scannán (scanaan) - a film

pictiúrlanna (pictoorlana) - cinemas

scéinséir (shkyaynshare) - a thriller 

coiméide rómansúil (comayja romansooil) - rom-com

scannán grinn (scanaan grin) - a comedy

dráma (draama) - a drama

scannán ficsean eolaíochta (scanaan awleeokhta fickshun) - a sci-fi movie

scannán uafáis (scanaan ooafaash) - a horror movie

scannán faisnéise (scanaan fashnaysha) - a documentary.

criticeoir (criticore) - critic 

seafóid (shafoydge) - codswallop

chuir sé mearbhall orm (ker se marawall orim) - it confused me

thaitin sé go mór liom (hatchen shay gaw more lum) - I really enjoyed it

foireann (firin) - cast 

buaiteoirí (booatchoree) - winners an scátálaí oighir (un scataalee iyer) - the ice skater

caidrimh idir maithreacha agus iníonacha (cadge-rvi idie mahraha agis neenyaha) - the relationships between mothers and daughters

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