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The Bluffer encourages everyone to pamper themselves once a day

MASC AGHAIDHE: There are a trillion ways where we can pamper ourselves, both men and women, and it depends on what makes you feel most relaxed after a hard days work
Robert McMIllen

Go mbeannaí Dia daoibh agus bhur gcéad míle fáilte isteach chuig the Bluffer’s Guide to Irish.

Last week, the Bluffer started to tell you about his metaphorical little boxes of time, the sections of the day where he does particular things.

The more boxes he opens, the less chance there is to get bored.

Tá mé dúdóite means I am bored, literally, I am burnt black!

Last week, all his boxes were about keeping healthy and getting fit and I suppose a little bit of peataireacht - pampering is always welcome.

Some people pamper themselves in different ways. It could be opening half a dozen cans of Guinness while eating a pizza and watching The Sunday Game.

Others might have a spá cos - a foot spa where they can revive their feet after a long day’s activity.

Or what about a lámhchuimilt - a massage as you wear a masc aghaidhe - a face mask  and discuss uisciú drólainne - colonic irrigation with your friend, Daphne from the golf club.

We all need a little but of pampering now and again to help us face the trials of life in this valley of tears so a little bit of teiripe cheannaíochta - retail therapy might be in order as you flash the plastic for that wee black number you’ve been promising yourself or forking out on that trip to Old Trafford.

Another way people pamper themselves is by spending time on caitheamh aimsire - hobbies.

So if someone asks you cad é an caitheamh aimisre atá agat? - what hobby or hobbies do you have? 

Is maith liom a bheith ag léamh - I like to be reading or Is maith liom an tumadóireacht scúba - I like scuba diving.

For Christmas, the Bluffer got a set of pinn luaidhe - pencils so he can take up líníocht - drawing, to pass the time in a creative and relaxing way.

Watch out, Picasso, you’re reputation is on the line! 

You can also learn a language as one of your boxes (say 60-90 minutes on most days) so the Bluffer is learning Spanish at the minute so he can picture himself drawing luí na gréine - sunsets on the Costa del Sol after some scuba diving and tapas, great therapy in this awfully depressing weather. 

Some people are able for very physical hobbies such as dreapadóireacht - climbing or curachóireacht - canoeing while a more gentle outdoor hobby might be garraíodóíreacht - gardening and growing your own vegetables.

But if you don’t like the great outdoors, there is still lots to keep you busy and creative while you are indoors.

Choose what TV programmes you want to watch rather than sit in from of the telly hoping that something good comes on. Plan your time - this isn’t a dress rehearsal, you know!

You can use the free time to practice your baton swirling, sewing, knitting, novel writing, yoga or whatever you choose to make yourself feel more alive.

Even tidying the house can be a form of therapy (controversial!)

So, that’s another box you can open each day to make life as varied and interesting as possible. 


Tá mé dúdóite (taa my doodoytcha) - I am bored

peataireacht (paterakht) - pampering

spá cos (spaa cuss) - a foot spa 

lámhchuimilt (laowkhimiltch) - a massage

masc aghaidhe (mas aya) - a face mask

uisciú drólainne (ishkoo drawlanya) - colonic irrigation 

teiripe cheannaíochta (cheripa kyaneeakhta) - retail therapy 

caitheamh aimsire (kyhoo iymshire) - hobbies

cad é an caitheamh aimsire atá agat? (cadge ay un kyhoo iymshire ataa ugut) - what hobby or hobbies do you have? 

Is maith liom a bheith ag léamh (iss my lum a vay a’ layoo) - I like to be reading 

Is maith liom an tumadóireacht scúba (is my lum un tumadoireakht scooba) - I like scuba diving

pinn luaidhe (pin looey) - pencils

líníocht (leeneeakht) - drawing

luí na gréine - sunset 

dreapadóireacht (jrapadoreakh) - climbing

curachóireacht (curakhoreakht) - canoeing

garraíodóíreacht (gareeadoreakht) - gardening

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