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Murray Lachlan Young on shrinking attention spans and blurring comedy into verse at Open House Festival

David Roy
"THE things that I get asked to write about can be really diverse and bizarre – everything from space travel through to philosophy, from quantum physics to pop music," says poet/comedian/writer Murray Lachlan Young of his ongoing gig as BBC 6 Music's 'poet in residence', which regularly finds the US-born British versemeister tackling topical topics in his own inimitable style.

Review: Belfast Blues

Jane Hardy
You may think you know about the Troubles but unless you've felt the fear and sensed the raison d'etre behind the Belfast gallows humour, you really don't.

Sir Ian McKellen on being King Lear, the importance of 'seeing buttons' and the joy of imagination at the theatre

Gail Bell
IF, AS Shakespeare imagines, 'all the world's a stage', then surely no-one has made a more dramatic mark on it than Sir Ian McKellen, with spell-binding, nuanced portrayals of everyone from the Bard's King Lear to Gandalf in Lord of The Rings, Magneto in the X-Men films and even Gus (the 'theatre cat', what else?) in Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous feline musical, Cats.