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Rob Newman takes his new comedy show Total Eclipse of Descartes to CQAF

David Roy
ROBERT Newman has been a repeat performer at Belfast's Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival over the past 19 years: however, the north London-based comedian, author and noted Ukulele enthusiast admits that he's still never quite sure if festival organiser Sean Kelly is actually going to book him.

Now on sale: Paul Merton's Impro Chums in Derry

David Roy
COMEDIAN Paul Merton and his fellow Impro Chums Lee Simpson, Suki Webster and Mike McShane will be back on the road next year for a series of improvisational comedy-powered live shows that should delight fans of Channel 4's classic 'why isn't it still on the air?' Friday night favourite, Whose Line Is It Anyway? This rag-bag gang of make-it-up-on-the-spot comedy mavericks – whose "collective improvisational experience is enough to stun an elephant" according to their PR blurb – will visit Derry's Millennium Forum on Saturday April 13 2019.

Serious laughs with Joanne McNally's Bite Me

David Roy
HI JOANNE, is it true you managed to confuse Galway's Black Box with Belfast's identically named venue back in January? Yes! It's not the first disaster I've had and it won't be the last I'd say.

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