When Queen headlined Slane - your memories of that day in July 1986

 Flamboyant Queen frontman Freddie Mercury on stage. Pictures by Hugh Russell
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AFTER uncovering some of the most memorable images from Queen's iconic 1986 Slane Castle concert we asked you for your memories of the day.

The date was July 5 and the band played to an estimated 80,000-strong crowd. By all accounts it was a raucous affair - around 70 people were arrested when fans broke through a barrier in a bid to get backstage. A total of 600 security guards and 1,000 Gardaí were on duty at the concert to quell trouble. 

 The 80,000-strong crowd at Slane to see Queen in 1986. Picture by Hugh Russell.

Other bands on the day included The Hits, Chris Rea, The Fountainhead and The Bangles.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor recalled how the concert, which formed part of the band's Magic Tour, was "really hairy".

We asked for your own recollections and here's what you told us:







 Guitarist Brian May. Picture by Hugh Russell

Some of your responses on Facebook include:

 I was there. My first concert. Fantastic day and wonderful memories Catherine McCartan

Saw them in my state the first time they played bohemian it was awesome. Never thought it would end up being the most amazing song ever. Yes I have the movie.Ellenjean Waldren

Yes I was there the first thing I remember hearing that day was "Manic Monday" by the Bangles one of the support acts that day , I remember it got quite damp later on , white was popular clothing colour those days so it got a bit messy , down at the front due to too much drink things got quite rowdy with some fights , Freddie stopped during Seven Seas of Rye he was quite concerned with what was going on telling off some people at the front 
It was a memorable day and a great concert the last time we would see Freddie Mercury touring with Queen. On the day some people moaned including some in the music press about Queens performance, I put that down to a bit of music snobbery from the indie crowd .
Stephen Robin Getty

 I was there! A great day!! Marie Heaney

A fantastic day. Freddie was the best ever. It rained a lot too all. The Bangles were sliding on the wet stage. Great memories.Niamh Withers

Was there and it was an amazing day, Freddy Mercury was one helluva showman  Nicola Maria MacRory

I was there still have my ticket as a souvenir from my first concert Linda Taylor

I have the old bootleg tapes of it still Tracey Cooper

Was there.Filthy wet day after the glorious weather of Springsteen the previous year.The Bangles opened the show at Slane that day.Freddy was his extravagant self and Brian May played a haunting solo version of Danny Boy as the others took a break.Even remember the opening song of Queen's set that day One Vision and Freddie warning that the show would come to a premature end if the pushing at the stage front didn't stop.Tony Fearon

I was there and the crowds were going mad pushing, was a really hot day, Freddie just stopped and shouted to the crowds if you don’t stop f—-g pushing I will put the hose on you and he did, I got soaked but it was one of the best days of my life, Freddie is an absolute legend and he was fantastic that day Alison McAliskey

 Always the showman....Freddie Mercury. Picture by Hugh Russell

Other recollections you sent to us include:

- I was there. My first gig and the traffic jams from the north meant I only got in when Chris Rea was on stage. I remember Fred stopping the gig because of the pressure at the front saying ''we don't like it like this'. I believe the next song was Under Pressure. To this day the greatest gig I've seen. Michael McKeown

- Yes I was there that day a filthy wet Saturday in contrast to the glorious weather that accompanied Springsteen's first Slane visit the previous year. The Bangles opened the show and a few of the punters were staggering like Lords as opposed to walking like an Egyptian. Freddy took the stage surrounded in smoke, wearing ermine and a crown singing One Vision. Freddie did threaten to end the concert prematurely unless the pushing stopped and I also recall Brian May playing a haunting version of Danny Boy as the others took a break. Great occasion spoiled somewhat by incessant rain and to make matters worse my mate had his car broken into parked in one of the many fields outside Slane that became over priced, impromptu car parks. Tony Fearon (60) Portadown

- Ticket price was £14.50. Harp sponsored the event. Queen opened their set with One Vision

 Freddie Mercury on what would be his final tour with the band. Picture by Hugh Russell


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