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Magic moments: Guy Ritchie's King Arthur film ain't 'arf bad

David Roy
IF YOU'VE ever wondered what semi-mythical hero King Arthur would be like as a hulking mixed-martial-arts-trained 'geezer' with mystical powers – and, let's face it, who hasn't? – director Guy Ritchie's new superhero-styled film has the answer.

Now on sale: New Divine Comedy Irish dates

David Roy
HE TOLD us we'd be sick of him by the end of the year, and now Neil Hannon looks set to make good on this threat with a string of Divine Comedy Irish dates this December.

Noise Annoys: Triggerman's Last Night On Earth

David Roy
TODAY'S Noise Annoys comes to you with a heavy heart, as it's my sad duty to herald the end of one of local music's most consistently riff-tastic outfits, the mighty Triggerman.

Games: Space Opera Prey mixes blasting, stealth and exploration

Neil McGreevy
Prey (Multi) By: Bethesda THE latest space opera from gaming’s post-Bioshock bloom blends popcorn-munching and chin-scratching in equal measure with a first-person horror thriller that mixes blasting, stealth and exploration in an alternate universe where Kennedy survives the grassy knoll.

Tings are good with Pat Shortt

SHORTT by name, but certainly not short of ideas and a zest for life; comedian, actor and musician Pat Shortt's latest tour How's Tings? comes north of the border next week.

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