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Essential festival: Our Backyard 2017, Lurgan, July 1

David Roy
NOW in its third year, Lurgan's Our Back Yard music festival seems to be going from strength to strength despite the obvious disadvantage of being based in one of the north's notorious cultural black spots.

Boys in de hood: Irish crime flick Cardboard Gangsters reviewed

David Roy
THEY say crime doesn't pay: however, for some of those living hand to mouth on Dublin's Darndale housing estate in Mark O'Connor's stylish low-budget crime flick Cardboard Gangsters, a little low-level drug dealing is often the only way to make ends meet.

How Seamus Heaney epic poem resonates with Syrian war

Joanne Sweeney
'NO SUCH thing as innocent bystanding' – rarely have the words of Seamus Heaney in his lyrical poem Mycenae Lookout resonated so strongly as in the present environment of ideological conflict and international terrorism.

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