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Bronagh Gallagher on 'triple F-rated' film A Bump Along The Way

David Roy
WHILE A Bump Along The Way might be grounded in familiar dramatic territory with its storyline about an unplanned pregnancy putting strain on the relationship between a teenager and her mother, Scottish director Shelly Love's Derry-set film adds a novel role-reversal twist to proceedings: this time, it's the wayward middle-aged parent who's expecting unexpectedly, much to the mortification of her straight-laced daughter.

Tim Burton's Dumbo remake is no big deal

Damon Smith
YOU'LL believe a digitally-rendered elephant can fly as quixotic director Tim Burton unleashes his wondrous imagination on a live-action reworking of Disney's 1941 animation.

Sharkwater Extinction a fitting legacy for late film-maker Rob Stewart

David Roy
SHOWING at QFT Belfast tomorrow and Saturday, Sharkwater Extinction is the visually stunning sequel to shark-loving conservationist and film-maker Rob Stewart's acclaimed 2006 documentary Sharkwater, in which the former photo journalist turned environmental crusader exposed illegal shark fishing practices around the world.

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