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Armenian genocide the backdrop of Belfast man Terry George's The Promise

AS BELFAST film-maker Terry George’s new movie screened to family, friends and members of the press in his home town on Monday, tens of thousands of people gathered in cities around the world to mark the 102nd anniversary of the start of the Armenian genocide, which is the subject of the film – or is it? 

Watch this: Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

David Roy
THE Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is returning to Northern Ireland for bringing two nights of eye-popping outdoor adventure-based film to Newtownabbey's Theatre at The Mill,on May 11 and 12.

Cult Movie: Jackie Chan's kung fu classic, Drunken Master

Ralph McLean
Drunken Master IF YOU wanted to show just a single, solitary piece of work to someone who'd never seen a Jackie Chan film in their life – a stand-alone movie encapsulating the man's genius for full-blown martial arts mayhem and old- school physical mugging – then Drunken Master would have to be the one.

Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton in wartime comedy Their Finest

SET during a tumultuous period when upper lips were kept jolly stiff and women on the home front actively served a bomb-ravaged nation pre-occupied with its role in the Second World War, Their Finest is based on Lissa Evans' novel Their Finest Hour And A Half.

Coming soon: Edgar Wright's Baby Driver

David Roy
EDGAR Wright's upcoming car chase comedy crime flick got a new trailer this week, giving us another sneak peak at of what we can expect from the Shaun of The Dead director's first film since 2013.

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