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Sleb Safari: Oprah Winfrey has life figured out and then some

Maeve Connolly
DO YOU remember when you used to catch The Oprah Winfrey Show at odd hours in your student house courtesy of the NTL box you had installed once you left home and learned there were more than seven TV channels available? There was no need to go to the library when you could learn all you believed you needed to know from Oprah.

Scarlet Johansson and co on their Rough Night

IT IS a roller-coaster of death, crime, politics and stomach-churning gags, but the real message behind the new 'R-rated' (a 15 certificate in the north and Britain) comedy Rough Night is the value of friendship.

Cult Movie: The City of The Dead

Ralph McLean
The City Of The Dead RELEASED in 1960, The City Of The Dead is chiefly remembered for one thing: It was the first film from the Amicus production team of Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky.

Don't miss: Terminator 2 3D

David Roy
Terminator 2 3D IT'S hard to believe it's 26 years since Terminator 2 was released, mostly because James Cameron's action blockbuster has lost little of its special effects-laden lustre.

Tom Cruise plays against type in American Made

BASED on a true story of outlandish lies, American Made reunites director Doug Liman and leading man Tom Cruise after their successful collaboration on the sci-fi thriller Edge Of Tomorrow.

DVD & Downloads

Poldark – Complete Series Three (Cert 12, 540 mins, ITV Studios Global Entertainment, available now on Amazon Prime/BBC iPlayer and other download and streaming services, available from August 14 on DVD £24.

Special event: Cinema Day, August 28

David Roy
FILM Hub NI's second annual Cinema Day will be bringing loads of classic movies and recent gems back to big screens across the north on Monday August 28.

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