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Lenny Abrahamson on Room success, his next big project and Belfast Film Festival appearance

David Roy
LENNY Abrahamson first came to wider public attention with his best director Oscar nomination for 2015's superb 'abduction and its aftermath' drama Room, but by that point the Dublin-born film-maker was already well established as a rising talent thanks to his first four features, Adam & Paul (2004), Garage (2007), What Richard Did (2012) and Frank (2014).

Bronagh Gallagher on 'triple F-rated' film A Bump Along The Way

David Roy
WHILE A Bump Along The Way might be grounded in familiar dramatic territory with its storyline about an unplanned pregnancy putting strain on the relationship between a teenager and her mother, Scottish director Shelly Love's Derry-set film adds a novel role-reversal twist to proceedings: this time, it's the wayward middle-aged parent who's expecting unexpectedly, much to the mortification of her straight-laced daughter.

Tim Burton's Dumbo remake is no big deal

Damon Smith
YOU'LL believe a digitally-rendered elephant can fly as quixotic director Tim Burton unleashes his wondrous imagination on a live-action reworking of Disney's 1941 animation.

Sharkwater Extinction a fitting legacy for late film-maker Rob Stewart

David Roy
SHOWING at QFT Belfast tomorrow and Saturday, Sharkwater Extinction is the visually stunning sequel to shark-loving conservationist and film-maker Rob Stewart's acclaimed 2006 documentary Sharkwater, in which the former photo journalist turned environmental crusader exposed illegal shark fishing practices around the world.