Don't miss: This is Spinal Tap at QFT Belfast, tonight

'One of England's loudest bands' in action

THE greatest mockumentary of all time is back in the cinema tonight for a special 'old-skool' presentation on 35mm film.

Written to lampoon the excesses and idiocy of the heavy metal idiom ("there's a fine line between stupid and clever"), Rob Reiner's hilarious fly-on-the-amps portrait of "one of England's loudest bands" was so on the money that some people didn't realise it was actually a spoof.

Masterfully portrayed by Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, Spinal Tap instantly became a real rock institution.

Suddenly, every band under the sun was claiming to be the inspiration for David St Hubbins, Nigel Tuffnel and Derek Smalls, whose increasingly disastrous, selective popularity-impacted American tour for the 'none more black'-sleeved Smell The Glove LP forms the basis of Marti Di Bergi's (Reiner) film.

An endlessly quotable, re-watchable classic that "goes to 11" on the entertainment scale.

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