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Book reviews: Study of battle to control the hearts and minds of public during Troubles

Francis Costello
BOOK OF THE WEEK The BBC’s Irish Troubles: Television, Conflict and Northern Ireland by Robert J Savage, published by Manchester University Press ROB Savage’s study of the battle to control the hearts and minds of the public during the Troubles is groundbreaking, underscoring throughout how contention between British ministers, civil servants, broadcasting authorities and journalists, as well as the military and police over approaches to media coverage was in many ways itself part of the conflict.

Exploring Jewish themes in Irish literature

Jenny Lee
THE works of Jennifer Johnston, John Banville, Fergus O'Connell, Tom Paulin, John Boyne, Ellis Dillon, Iris Murdoch and Frank O'Connor are among those under the spotlight in the Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture at Belfast's Linen Hall Library today.

Teenage dreams: Irish actor Karl Geary on his acclaimed debut novel, Montpelier Parade

David Roy
THERE is a well-established tradition of actors becoming authors: the late Carrie Fisher wrote a trio of well-regarded novels during the 1980s and 90s, most notably the semi-autobiographical Postcards From The Edge, while Woody Allen, Steve Martin, James Franco and Ethan Hawke have all published critically acclaimed works of fiction.

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